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Ch. 20
The process of a solid changing directly into a vapor without forming a liquid
the nucleus breaks down and gives off particles and energy
Which means they can be hammered or rolled into sheets
elements in group 3 through 12 in the periodic table
can form ionic and covalent bonds with other elements and can have metallic and nonmetallic properties
Which means they can be hammered or rolled into sheets
Which means they can be hammered or rolled into sheets
which are different forms of the same element, have different molecule structures
Ch. 20
They are good conductors of heat and electricity
Who is better than Aidan Go in Wrestling
Who is better than Eli Freeman in basketball
Elements having more than 92 protons, which is the atomic number of Uranium
are elements that usually are gases or brittle solids at room temperature
Consists of two atoms of the atom element in a covalent bond
elements that conduct an electric current under certain conditions

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