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Can you name the Harry Potter A-Z II?

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This spell opens locked doorsA
Teaches History of Magic at HogwartsB
First name of the Minister of Magic in the 1st-6th booksC
Central commercial area for wizards D
The spell that makes Patronus' appearE
Potion that Harry wins during his first class with SlughornF
First name of Harry's future wifeG
House headed by Professor SproutH
A spell that produces fireI
Harry's middle nameJ
Little bronze coinK
City where one would board the Hogwarts ExpressL
Slur for a wizard who is muggle bornM
Harry's first broomstickN
Popular beverage at Hogwarts feastsP
Rita Skeeter's writing utensilQ
Author of the 7 booksR
The ball Harry is in charge of findingS
Subject McGonagall teachesT
Drinking the blood of one of these will give you eternal lifeU
The name Bill Weasley gives to his first daughterV
Remus Lupin is one of theseW
A Muggle technique which reminds Harry of LegilimacyX
Name to avoid saying 'Voldemort'Y
In Half Blood Prince, he is part of 'The Slug Club' with Harry (last name)Z

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