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Can you name the Super Smash Bros. things for each letter of the alphabet?

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Villain in the Subspace Emissary; Dropped Subspace Bombs 
Koppaite Captain; Alternate costume for Olimar in 3DS/Wii U 
Ike's Up Special attack 
Mode where you fight against all the characters; Introduced in Melee 
Real-life figurines that spawn Figure Players in 3DS/Wii U 
Kraid rotates this stage around; Only in Melee 
Mini-game found only in Smash 64 
Attacks players in both Smash Run and Melee's Princess Peach's Castle stage 
Bouncy item from Smash 64 and Brawl; Got a redesign in 3DS/Wii U 
Assist Trophy who plays a guitar to hurt players 
Smash Run enemy with large skulls on its hands; arguably one of the hardest foes in the mode 
Down Special shared by Marth, Ike, Roy, Lucina, and Palutena 
Melee stage similar to one from Smash 64; has reappeared in both Brawl and 3DS. 
Pokémon in 3DS/Wii U who uses Seed Bomb to attack players 
An F-Zero racer from Port Town; Playable in all Smash Bros. games 
Appears on Spear Pillar; Affects the speed of the game 
Boss fought on the Halberd; Made from several Mr. Game & Watches 
Somewhat controversial playable character in 3DS/Wii U; Created from Pandora's Mirror of Truth as an independent doppelganger. 
R.O.B.'s Final Smash in Brawl; Creates a temporary but constant laser from his head. 
Whispy Woods blows you around in this Smash 64 stage 
The location where the Melee stages Onett and Fourside are set in 
Yoshi's Neutral Special attack 
Assist Trophy who attacks by shooting his Thunder Beam at opponents 
Robin's Up Special attack 
Mode introduced in Melee; Several different, unique matches with certain requirements you have to accomplish 
Clone of Fox introduced in Melee; Has been tweaked since to differentiate him more 
Mario's Down Special in Brawl and 3DS/Wii U 
Mysterious race of creatures in the Magicant stage; assist the first player to touch them 
Captain Falcon's widely-popular Neutral Special attack 
Highly spammable item that was in the first three Smash Bros. games 
Odd, tower-like member of the Subspace Army; Made up of a mask and four yellow support pillars. 
The giant body of the Mechonis looms in the background of this 3DS/Wii U stage 
Special boss introduced in Melee; Later was turned into a Final Smash 
The online ranking system for players introduced in 3DS/Wii U 
The youngest playable character in Smash Bros. history; Introduced in 3DS/Wii U in a trailer alongside Charizard 
Musical stage introduced in Brawl; Creatures of the same name bounce around leaves and make sounds. 
Assist trophy that acts like a thin, rotating platform. 
Poké Ball Pokémon in Smash 64 who uses Jump Kick to attack any player at random 
Healing item introduced in Smash 64; Generally heals exactly 100% of damage 
Fiery item introduced in Brawl; rotates around the platform it is thrown onto. 
Retro playable duo introduced in Melee; Cut from 3DS/Wii U due to technical limitations 
32-Bit Assist Trophy that attacks characters by shooting small bullets as they charge forward. 
Radiant hero who wields the sword Ragnell; Playable character since Brawl 
Speedy bug enemy in Smash Run; Burrows underground and carries tons of Gold inside of it 
One of the Pokémon Trainer's playable Pokémon; One of two playable characters to be entirely quadrupedal 
Melee stage with a speedy river flowing underneath. Brought back in Brawl and 3DS/Wii U 
King Dedede's Down Special attack 
Little Mac's Side Special attack 
Invincible, elemental enemy in the Subspace Emissary 
Unique stage in Wii U; takes place on two battle planes. 
Appears on the Mushroom Kingdom U stage; transforms the stage and gives it new layouts 
Round, pink, and hungry; A mainstay Smash Bros. character 
Blows up the center of the Bridge of Eldin stage, but he can be attacked. 
Crocodile-like creature that swim in rivers and spikes characters downwards if they get hit. 
A member of Team Star Fox that can appear in an Easter Egg conversation on the Lylat Cruise and Orbital Gate Assault stages 
Mega Man's Down Special attack 
Shield-eating enemy that appeared in Melee's Adventure Mode. 
Final Smash shared by Fox, Falco, and Wolf 
Destroyable stage in Brawl and Wii U that's unfortunately haunted by ghosts 
Assist Trophy who uses a powerful sword slash against a random opponent after a short wait 
The most iconic video game character ever; a mainstay Playable Character 
Fish-like enemy in Smash Run that spawns a bubble-like shield around other enemies 
The creator and director of the Super Smash Bros. series.  
The multiple-phase Final Boss of 3DS/Wii U's Classic Mode 
Psychic-type Pokémon introduced in Melee; makes a triumphant return as DLC in 3DS/Wii U 
A large stage in Brawl; features floating limos, a gigantic tower, and occasional Ultimate Chimera visits 
Assist Trophy in 3DS/Wii U who cloaks the stage in darkness for a short time 
Assist Trophy who blocks the screen by trying to grab your attention. Probably wants treats. 
Stage in Brawl and Wii U that has large waves of lava attack players from all sides 
A young boy with PSI powers; A mainstay Playable Character. 
Mr. Game & Watch's Down Special attack, as well as one of the themes of the Flat Zone 2 stage 
Appears in the Distant Planet stage in Brawl and 3DS. Throw Pellets into these to get items 
Designer of Metal Gear REX and member of the group Philanthropy. Appears in an Easter Egg on Shadow Moses Island 
Invincible and insta-kill enemy in Smash Run. Even has its own theme music to accompany your destruction 
Battering item introduced in 3DS/Wii U. Very heavy and creates tornado projectiles. 
A bit of a joke Playable Character in Melee; hurts itself with most of its attacks 
Lucas's Neutral Special attack; Later used by Ness as a Custom Special. 
Stage in 3DS that cycles through 3 different locations from the series of the same name.  
Stage in 3DS based on a local chat room function of the original Nintendo DS. 
Poké Ball Pokémon in Brawl that uses Surf to sweep opponents off the stage 
Pikachu's Up Special attack 
Hazard in the Subspace Emissary; Explodes and sets off a chain reaction if you get too close 
Ike's Side Special attack 
Evolution of the Water/Ground Pokémon found as a platform in Poké Floats. 
Second word of the large creature in the background of Frigate Orpheon. 
Boss character in Brawl and Wii U. Takes up a large portion of the screen due to his size 
Assist Trophy who uses various arts to affect players randomly. Also appears in Shulk's Final Smash. 
Motherly figure who pilots the Comet Observatory; Playable in 3DS/Wii U. 
Mega Man's faithful dog assistant who helps him in his Up Special attack. 
Jigglypuff's Neutral Special attack since Melee. 
A very simplistic stage in Brawl and Wii U that gets visits from K.K. Slider on Saturday evenings 
Assist Trophy who attacks players with his Cannon Sword, which can both slash and shoot players 
Shadowy enemy in the Subspace Emissary who is vulnerable in his pink core; Slashes with its sword-like arms 
Appears occasionally in the background of Green Hill Zone. He uses his psychic powers to glide along the loop-de-loop. 
Tree-like Pokémon that appears as a platform in Poké Floats 
Mode in 3DS/Wii U that has blocks drop from the sky for you to destroy for a monetarily-extended time limit 
Pit's Final Smash in 3DS/Wii U. 
Final Boss of the Subspace Emissary; His wings were destroyed by the sudden appearance of Sonic. 
Peach's Neutral Special move. 
The highly-popular stage from Melee that is rather large. Returns in Brawl and Wii U. 
A Poké Ball Pokémon in Melee; A horde of them appears to damage enemies in a certain path 
A spiky ball item introduced in Brawl that hails from Clu Clu Land. 
A background Legendary Pokémon that occasionally appears in Spear Pillar. 
Reshiram, Zekrom, Milotic, and more appear on this 3DS stage that appears to be in ruins 
Pit's Side Special attack introduced in 3DS/Wii U. 
Battle on the Great Fox from a different angle in this Melee stage 
The childlike Goddess of Nature who chucks a Reset Bomb at an army of humans in the Reset Bomb Forest stage. 
Shulk's Down Special move. 
The customizable mayor who likes to catch bugs and fish; Playable in 3DS/Wii U 
Sheik's Up Special move. 
The grassy area in the Lost Hex and a stage in Wii U; features a large windmill and two springs 
King Dedede's Final Smash in Brawl 
Helps people stay in shape; Playable in 3DS/Wii U 
The leader of Star Fox's rival team, and an intergalactic bounty hunter; Playable in Brawl 
A stage on Wii U that's entirely made out of yarn; Based on a game not yet released 
The game of origin for Shulk. 
An explosive item that fires a blast through the stage in four directions. 
A Poké Ball Pokémon in 3DS/Wii U that uses Geomancy to power up all the fighters 
A button on the GameCube, Classic, and Wii U controllers, as well as the 3DS. 
A character who appears in Mega Man's Final Smash, fights against foes such as Sigma years after Mega Man's lifetime. 
A lovable, dinosaur species that loves to eat; a mainstay Playable Character. 
The more inexperienced version of Link from Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask; Playable in Melee 
An infamous boss who appears on Wily Castle and splits up into segments 
A Battlefield-like stage in Melee that features Pak E. Derm walking around in the back. 
A member of Brawl's fighting team; based around Mario's moveset 
The suitless form of the fearless female bounty hunter, now equipped with Jet Boots; Playable since Brawl 
The bearer of the Triforce of Wisdom; Princess of Hyrule; Playable since Melee 
Legendary Poké Ball Pokémon in Melee that zaps anyone nearby; Reappears as a background element in Prism Tower 
Ghost-like enemy in Smash Run that shifts from a blue flame to a cloaked creature with large claws. 
Poké Ball Pokémon in 3DS/Wii U that uses Fury Swipes in a similar way as Greninja or Ike's Final Smashes. 
A retro stage based on the original arcade game of Donkey Kong; Found in Brawl and Wii U. 
Mode introduced in Melee where you fight against one hundred opponents in a row. 
Scrolling stage from 3DS based around the Super Mario game of the same name. 
One of the selling points of the Wii U version; The reason for some of the gigantic stages is to accommodate for all the characters in this mode. 
The percentage you start out with in Sudden Death. 

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