Sonic Per Letter

Can you name the Sonic the Hedgehog series elements and ideas described for each letter of the alphabet

The species of Storm, the power member of the Babylon Rogues 
The water-themed level in Sonic Colors 
The pink, wanna-be love-interest of Sonic. Often mistakes other characters for Sonic 
A multiplayer race course in Sonic the Hedgehog 3 featuring balloons 
A power-up in Sonic Adventure 2 that lets Sonic gain height by bouncing like a ball 
The invading alien race in Shadow the Hedgehog 
These seven mystical gems let Sonic transform into Super Sonic 
A pink, bouncy level found in Sonic CD 
The pet Chao that belongs to Cream the Rabbit 
A small, orange mining robot created by Eggman in Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice 
The evil entity sealed within the planet that gets released in Sonic Unleashed 
The final boss of Shadow the Hedgehog and super-powered form of Black Doom 
A rebellious robot introduced in Sonic Heroes and member of Team Dark 
A copycat robot introduced in Sonic Battle that sacrifices itself 
The beach-themed introduction level in Sonic Adventure 
A dangerous airship-themed level in Sonic & Knuckles 
The main vocal theme of the upcoming Sonic Forces 
Small bird creatures saved in Sonic 3D Blast and Sonic Adventure 
Dr. Eggman's grandfather and the creator of Shadow 
The organization that mistakes Sonic for a criminal in Sonic Adventure 2 
The first stage of the first Sonic the Hedgehog 
A group of modified Egg-Robos seen in Sonic Mania 
A weighty robot introduced in Knuckles' Chaotix 
A haunted-themed level where the gravity shifts in Sonic Heroes 
The evil echidna leader of the Nocturnus Clan in Sonic Chronicles 
A snowy level found in both Sonic 3 and Sonic Adventure 
Silver's 'nickname' for Sonic in Sonic 2006 
The tropical-themed level in Adabat in Sonic Unleashed 
The cocky leader of the Babylon Rogues in Sonic Riders 
The shark-based robot henchman of Captain Whisker in Sonic Rush Adventure 
The stubborn red rival to Sonic introduced in Sonic 3 
The ruins-themed level in Sonic 2006 
The storybook counterpart to Dr. Eggman in Sonic and the Secret Rings 
A floating land in the clouds and the main setting of Sonic Lost World 
The infamous water-themed level in the first Sonic the Hedgehog 
The popular main vocal theme of Sonic Adventure 2 
The quirky friend of Blaze the Cat in Sonic Rush Adventure 
A dream world and the main setting of Sonic Shuffle 
A sorceress who calls Sonic for help in Sonic and the Black Knight 
The storybook counterpart to Amy Rose and lady in the lake in Sonic and the Black Knight 
One of the names of a villainous hooligan who wields a popgun 
The lake above which Little Planet appears in Sonic CD 
An industrial refinery stage in Sonic the Hedgehog 4 
The red, round minion of Dr. Eggman introduced in Sonic Unleashed 
The main vocal theme of Sonic Adventure 
A human researcher and sandwich connoisseur in Sonic Unleashed 
The mysterious power stone that affects time and space in Sonic Mania 
The large weapon that Sonic's pink hedgehog friend wields 
A crystal-themed level in Sonic CD 
The helpful support robot built for Lyric in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric 
A maneuver introduced in Sonic Unleashed that lets you move side to side easily without actually turning while running 
The train-themed level in Sonic 2006 
A race course taking place in a city at night in Sonic R 
A level in Sonic Adventure 2 with large bridge, blimps, and a NiGHTS cameo 
A battle arena in Sonic the Fighters, as well as the main setting of the first Sonic the Hedgehog 
A waterfront kingdom and the main setting of Sonic 2006 
Sonic's main method of gaining speed as a ball, introduced in Sonic 2 
The echidna spirit released from the Master Emerald in Sonic Adventure 
The eldritch monster controlled by Dr. Eggman in Sonic Generations 
The underground first stage of Sonic Spinball 
A subterranean-themed stage in Sonic 2 for the Game Gear 
The super state of Gemerl, the final boss of Sonic Advance 3 
A totem pole robot boss fought in Kodiak Frontier in Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice 
The loudmouthed leader of the Chaotix Detective Agency 
The kindly mother of Cream the Rabbit 
The primary weapon of Tails and Eggman's mechs in Sonic Adventure 2 
A city-themed area and the first stage of every Shadow the Hedgehog playthrough 
The beastly form that Sonic takes at nighttime in Sonic Unleashed 
The humanoid main villain of Tails' Skypatrol 
The final space-themed area of Sonic Advance 
The final space-themed area of Sonic Advance 2 
The subtitle of a cancelled Sonic game for the Sega Saturn 
The main White Wisp character that talks to Tails in Sonic Colors 
A desert-themed level in Sonic Blast 
A special DLC level in Sonic Lost World on Wii U where you rescue strange dinosaurs 
The only female member of the Deadly Six fought in Frozen Factory Zone 
An unrelenting green robot that chases Amy throughout Sonic Adventure 
The red muscular leader of the Deadly Six 
The number of rings it takes to open a Special Stage in the first Sonic the Hedgehog 
The release year of the first Sonic the Hedgehog on the Sega Genesis 
The IQ of Dr. Eggman, according to himself 

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