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Can you name the Paper Mario series bosses?

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Paper Mario
Pretty Much Everywhere 
Goomba Road 
Goomba Road 
Goomba King's Fortress 
Koopa Bros. Fortress 
Koopa Bros. Fortress 
Koopa Bros. Fortress 
Koopa Bros. Fortress 
Koopa Bros. Fortress 
Mt. Rugged 
Dry Dry Ruins 
Gusty Gulch 
Windy Mill 
Shy Guy's Toy Box/Bowser's Castle 
Shy Guy's Toy Box 
Shy Guy's Toy Box 
Whale Mouth 
Mt. LavaLava 
Flower Fields 
Cloudy Climb 
Shiver Snowfield 
Crystal Palace 
Power Platform 
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Rogueport Sewers 
Shwonkk Fortress 
Hooktail Castle/Palace Of Shadow 
Hooktail Castle 
Boggly Woods/Palace Of Shadow 
Boggly Woods/Palace Of Shadow 
Boggly Woods 
The Great Tree 
The Glitz Pit 
The Glitz Pit/Palace Of Shadow 
The Glitz Pit 
The Glitz Pit 
Creepy Steeple/Palace Of Shadow 
Pirate's Grotto 
Keelhaul Key 
Excess Express 
X-Naut Fortress 
Palace Of Shadow 
Palace Of Shadow 
Palace Of Shadow 
Palace Of Shadow 
Palace Of Shadow 
Super Paper Mario
Yold Desert/Land Of The Cragnons/Floro Caverns/Castle Bleck 
Yold Desert 
Merlee's Mansion/Sammer Kingdom/Castle Bleck 
The Bitlands/Underwhere Road 
Tile Pool 
Dot Wood Tree/Castle Bleck 
Fort Francis/Castle Bleck 
Whoa Zone 
Outer Limits 
Floro Caverns 
The World Of Nothing 
Underwhere Road 
The Overthere 
Castle Bleck 
Castle Bleck 
Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Warm Fuzzy Plains/Surfshine Harbor/Bowser Jr.'s Flotilla 
Water's Edge Way/Yoshi Sphinx/Bowser's Sky Castle 
Hither Thither Hill 
Goomba's Fortress 
Drybake Stadium 
The Bafflewood/Loop Loop River/Tree Branch Trail/Whitecap Beach 
Rustle Burrow 
Whitecap Beach 
Surfshine Harbor 
The Enigmansion 
Bowser's Snow Fort 
Bowser's Snow Fort 
Rumble Volcano 
Bowser's Sky Castle 

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