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Can you name the EarthBound Locations?

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Type of AreaPlaceBosses Found Here
Main TownStarman Junior, Frank, Frankystein Mark II, Cheif Strong
Your SanctuaryTitanic Ant
Main TownEverdred
Main TownMr. Carpainter
Your SanctuaryMondo Mole
Main TownBoogey Tent
Main TownNone
OtherMini Barf
Main TownNone
OtherMaster Belch
Your SanctuaryTrillionage Sprout
Main TownDept. Store Spook, Clumsy Robot
OtherGuardian Digger (5)
OtherEvil Mani Mani Statue
Your SanctuaryShrooom!
Type of AreaPlaceBosses Found Here
Main TownNone
Main TownSpirit of Poo's Ancestors
Your SanctuaryPlague Rat of Doom
Your SanctuaryThunder And Storm
Main TownKraken (Sea)
OtherGuardian General
Main AreaMaster Barf
Main TownNone
OtherStarman DX
Your SanctuaryElectro Specter
Main AreaNone
Your SanctuaryCarbon Dog, Diamond Dog
Main AreaNone
OtherNess' Nightmare
Main AreaHeavily Armed Pokey, Giygas

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