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Can you name the Separatist Council Members from the clue and species?

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Forced Order
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Viceroy of the Trade Federation; leader of the invasion of NabooNeimoidian
Cowardly official and second in command after the Viceroy Neimoidian
Archduke of the CIS; commanded the droid forces at both battles of GeonosisGeonosian
Leader of the Techno Union; commanded of the CIS occupation of RylothSkakoan
Chairman of the InterGalactic Banking ClanMuun
Magistrate from the Corporate Alliance to the SeparatistsKoorivar
President of the Commerce GuildGossam
Senator who represented Ando in the ConfederacyAqualish
Senator who represented Mon Cala in the ConfederacyQuarren
Supreme leader of the CIS and Sith LordHuman

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