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SeasonEpisode TitleEpisode Description
1When Grace gets a marriage proposal, Will risks their friendship by telling her what he thinks.
1Will encourages Grace to find a place of her own while Jack's eccentricities are driving him out of his mind.
1Tensions escalate when Grace decides to renovate the bathrooms; Will helps Jack with his résumé.
1Grace redecorates Harlin's apartment. Jack creates a one-man show, 'Just Jack!'.
1Will and Grace take Harlin's kids trick-or-treating. Jack and Karen go to the downtown parade.
1Grace becomes unraveled when she discovers that Will had a fling and didn't tell her. Karen turns to Will for legal advise.
1Grace blames her lack of interest in dating on her relationship with Will. Jack is audited by the IRS.
1Grace seeks Will's advice on buying her studio space. Jack becomes a massage therapist.
1Will and Grace eavesdrop on a real-life soap opera unfolding at the neighbor's.
1Will develops a dog obsession after Grace brings home a puppy.
1Jake and Grace surprise Will on his birthday with tickets to an ice-skating show.
1Will hires a cleaning lady to help Grace prepare for an upcoming decorators' contest. Meanwhile, Jack pretends to be a lawyer.
1Grace gets a visit from her mother, who wreaks havoc by suggesting that she marry Will.
1Will's estranged, older brother turns up at Jack's birthday party.
1Grace tells Will about her romance with his brother; Karen helps Jack deal with turning 30.
1Will and Grace compete for the affections of their new neighbor when they learn that they both have a date with him.
1Grace romances an old flame while in Vermont and tries to hide the fling from Will.
1Will uses his new neighbor Val for his plans while Grace works; Jack is sentenced to pick up trash.
1Will's embarrassed by Jack's flaming behavior while they're working out at Will's regular gym; Grace has a heart-to-heart with Karen.
1A successful publicist hires Grace to decorate his house with the condition that she fixes him up with Will.
1The roommates' pals don't care for competitive games; Karen saves a man using CPR.
1Grace and Will rethink their living arrangements; Jack agrees to marry Karen's maid, Rosario.
2Grace moves across the hall and throws a dinner party without Will. Jack moves in with Rosario and Karen.
2Will and Grace compete for tenant-board president. Karen loses Guapo.
2Grace tries to live up to her new 'dimensions' when a deceiving, but flattering, picture of her appears in a newspaper.
2Grace's mom shows Will a little too much attention for her jealous daughter's taste. Jack and Rosario meet with an INS agent.
2Will lets his ego get the better of him when he dismisses the clients who believed in him before he became a success. Grace takes Karen outlet shopping.
2Jack challenges unemployed Will to become a waiter on his staff; Grace finds out a dirty secret about Karen.
2Will and Grace invite Jack's mother to Thanksgiving dinner and learn that she is unaware that her son is gay.
2Grace looks to Will for representation when a lawyer doesn't pay her for a consulting assignment. Meanwhile, Karen helps Jack on the set of a sexual harassment training video.
2Friends become jealous when Will and Grace begin hanging out with a hip young couple.
2Will kisses up to Karen to appease his new boss; Jack and Grace get into hot water over an antique teapot.
2When an old school chum asks Will to father her child, a jealous Grace tries to thwart her baby-making plans.
2Will's sexy dreams about Grace land him in therapy and send her on a couch trip with his hunky shrink. Meanwhile, Jack and Karen clash over her treatment of Rosario.
2Will's father tells his colleagues that his son and Grace are married; Jack prepares to meet his biological father.
2Will and Jack go straight to the network when a scheduled kiss between two gay TV characters doesn't happen. Grace seeks Karen's advice on dating.
2Will gets advice from Jack on how to handle a blind date arranged by his boss. Meanwhile, Grace once again seeks Karen's advice about Josh.
2Will has designs on Grace's newest interior-decorating client--his ex-boyfriend; Karen tries taking her 'career' more seriously.
2After Karen's husband suffers a heart attack, there is speculation on whom she will turn to for support.
2As the gang plunges into charity work, Will and Grace direct a kids' play, while Jack infuriates Karen by giving away her favorite pair of pumps.
2Ellen learns at her bachelorette party that Grace once slept with her fiance Rob.
2Grace suspects Val may have stolen her music box; Jack plays straight to woo a heterosexual convert.
2Will and Grace are alarmed when the friendship of two bickering oldsters mirrors their own; Ben impresses Jack and Karen with his hidden talents.
2Grace finds out that one of Karen's friends is her competition for an important interior design job. Meanwhile, Jack tries marketing an odd invention.
2Will discovers that Grace is dating his boss; Rosario requests a divorce from Jack so that she can be with Karen's Gardener.
3Will returns from the Caribbean to discover Grace has a new best friend: Jack. to Rosario being arrested for smuggling.
3Will's apartment becomes a haven for Grace after a break-in attempt; Meanwhile, Jack and Karen aren't speaking.
3Will and Jack are stunned when their favorite party-boy couple become dads; Karen fears losing her cushy position as Stan's trophy wife.
3Grace is appalled when her new intern suddenly emulates Karen and takes on her brass persona. Meanwhile, Will and Jack muck up a gay-sensitivity seminar for local cops.
3Grace finds it hard to call it quits with Ben. Meanwhile, Jack livens up his failing cabaret act at Will's expense.
3A 'Cyrano de Bergerac'-style plot has Jack borrowing Will's words to impress a crush, while an ex asks an amazed Grace to join him in a threesome with his new lover.
3Will is terrified by a fortune teller's predictions. Meanwhile, pop icon Cher encounters her biggest fan, Jack.
3A crucial confession highlights Thanksgiving 1985, when college student Grace takes boyfriend Will home to meet her family. Meanwhile, a rare glimpse into Karen's past includes a string of lovers and Martina Navratilova.
3Will and Jack do battle over the same lover, while Grace has trouble accepting her new beau when she learns he has six toes on one of his feet.
3At Joe and Larry's commitment ceremony, Will chides Grace for mooching, while Jack and Karen have to give up their vices.
3Will and Grace befriend Sandra Bernhard by posing as prospective buyers for her condo. Karen attends her stepsons swim meet.
3Will enlists Grace to help him improve his batting skills in hopes of impressing new friend Matt. Grace decorates Jack's apartment.
3Will's romance becomes strained because Matt is still in the closet. Karen reads Stan's will.
3Grace regrets selling her late uncle's old car to a nun and attempts to get it back. Karen catches Rosario moonlighting at Beverley Leslie's.
3Grace catches Will's father with a glamorous stranger. Karen thinks Stan is cheating on her.
3Variations on the dating game find Will cold to a fawning beau and Grace hot for Karen's handsome nephew.
3Grace ruins Will's weekly poker game; Jack and Karen target a plastic surgery guinea pig.
3Grace buys a new piano to solidify her relationship with Will. Jack's juicy novel-in-progress turns Karen on.
3Grace attempts to get rid of her slovenly new neighbor. Karen dumps her mother-in-law on Will and Jack.
3False assumptions vex Grace, who's attending the funeral of classmate she once tormented; and Jack, who's getting all dolled up for a gay cabaret awards event.
3Anxieties plague the romance between Grace and the annoying Nathan, and between Will and a much younger guy.
3Grace tries to keep the peace between her slovenly boyfriend and a resentful Will; Jack plans to meet his father for the first time.
4When Will returns from vacation, Nathan feels neglected when Will and Grace resume their chummy friendship. Jack, Karen and Rosario take Elliot shopping.
4The new lawyer in Will's firm is the same lout who bullied him as a child; Nathan's birthday flusters Grace, who's outdone in the gift department by Karen.
4Softhearted Grace steps out to a prom--with Jack's dateless 12-year-old son; demanding Karen cries wolf to Will once too often.
4When Stan is arrested for tax evasion, Grace moves into Karen's apartment to help her worried friend; Jack's crusty acting coach helps Will face a phobia.
4Jack arranges a 'date'' between his geeky, female supervisor and an ususpecting Will. Meanwhile, things really heat up for Grace and Nathan.
4Nathan proposes to Grace, who turns him down and then realizes she's made 'a complete mess of a really great thing.'
4It's heartbreak city for Grace, who, jilted by Nathan, takes cold comfort in the desperate attempts of Will and company to rally her.
4Will and Grace elect to disagree when it comes to choosing sides during a mayoral election; she supports the Jewish candidate and he's voting for the gay nominee.
4Rather than be apart on Thanksgiving Day, Will and Grace join Jack and Karen for a festive holiday motor tour of their respective dysfunctional families.
4Old and new boyfriends vex Will at his gym, while Jack tries to spread a new saying; a proposed business deal unsettles the friendship between Karen and Grace.
4During the holidays, Jack's boss Dorleen allows him to decorate a Barney's display window, while Will meets a ballet dancer but is too embarrassed to introduce him to his friends.
4Grace and Will scheme to fix up Will's father's mistress. Jack and Karen buy a horse for breeding, but the stud is more interested in stallions.
4A jailbird charms Grace, while a jailhouse-like scenario makes nettlesome roommates of Karen and Jack.
4Grace hauls Will to her ex-fiancé's wedding; Elliot's mother demands that Jack never see his son again.
4A flustered Jack turns to Grace to 'in' Owen, who's competing against him for a spot in the Manhattan Gay Men's Chorus. Will attends the Walker's annual Valentine's Day party.
4Apartment hunting busies Will and Grace; prying into Karen's mysterious past preoccupies Jack.
4Will and Grace move into their dream apartment, but find that they miss their old one; Karen's mother recruits her for one last scam.
4Will presents his newly reconciled parents with a cruise for their anniversary, but their individual secrets ruin his hopes.
4Grace accidentally beheads Will's beloved garden gnome; Jack plays it straight for a mattress TV ad.
4Chaperoning Jack's son occupies Will at Elliot's basketball tourney; teaching a design seminar challenges Grace.
4Grace plans a wedding for Will's friend; Jack becomes jealous of Karen and Will's book club.
4Will's laptop computer is stolen and a detective promises to help him find it; Meanwhile, psycho neighbor Val opens a rival design business; and Jack takes part in gay group therapy.
4Will and Grace win a photo session with a famous photographer. Meanwhile, Karen helps Jack with his new magic show.
4Parenthood prospects fluster Will and Grace, who consider having a baby; a conjugal visit vexes Karen; a Broadway audition rattles Jack.
4Obstacles pile up before Will and Grace's baby-making plans. Meanwhile, Jack considers giving up show-business and Karen is tempted by a smooth-talking man-about-town.
5A dashing doctor on horseback rescues Grace; Karen debates cheating on her imprisoned husband with hot-blooded suitor Lionel.
SeasonEpisode TitleEpisode Description
5Jack stalks Kevin Bacon, who unwittingly hires him as his personal assistant, and then orders him to find his persistent pursuer. Grace gets a visit from a handsome doctor.
5A feud ensues between Will and Grace, whose second thoughts about having his baby are triggered by an infatuation with Leo.
5A plot hatched by Karen and Jack to reunite the estranged Will and Grace unfolds amid pandemonium at a child's birthday party.
5A bicycling adventure tests Will and Grace while up in the Catskills with Leo and his pal in a quest for Halloween pumpkins.
5Mr. Stein, the long-absent senior partner of Will's firm, who shows up unexpectedly to reassume command. Meanwhile, Grace and Jack are shocked to discover that Karen is now living in her limo.
5Grace accompanies Leo to dinner with his parents. Meanwhile, Jack continues acting classes with Zandra; Will and Karen get Botox injections.
5After Grace impulsively accepts a marriage proposal from Leo, there seem to be a million roadblocks between her and an actual wedding (Part 1).
5After Grace impulsively accepts a marriage proposal from Leo, there seem to be a million roadblocks between her and an actual wedding (Part 2).
5Neat-freak Will's new roomie is sloppy Karen, who moves in and makes herself cozy while Grace honeymoons; Meanwhile, Jack poses incognito out of fear that the 'Gay Mafia' has it out for him.
5Christmas Eve merriment turns sour for Will, riled by Grace's capricious requests that keep him from partying with Jack and Karen.
5When Jack convinces Will to join him on a gay soccer team, Will's inept play leaves him warming the bench. Meanwhile, Grace is delighted that Karen is giddy in anticipation of her date with a handsome restaurant owner.
5Will and Jack help Karen's cousin who recently decided to come out of the closet at age 35. Grace is puzzled over what to make of her strange bohemian neighbor when she moves into Leo's Brooklyn digs.
5Will and Jack continue their campaign to adapt Karen's awkward cousin Barry to his new lifestyle. Meanwhile, Grace feels abandoned by Leo when he leaves to offer his medical services to the needy in Africa.
5Karen is livid when Stan's new girlfriend befriends Jack. Meanwhile, Will and Grace try to re-connect their lagging friendship with a competitive night of board games with their friends.
5Grace has a girl's night in Brooklyn with Karen, Rosario, Ellen and new neighbor Julie. Meanwhile, Jack reconnects with his childhood babysitter and falls back into childhood patterns, befuddling Will.
5A made-over Barry makes a big splash at a chic fund-raiser, where he also unwittingly arouses Will's romantic interest. Meanwhile, Karen duels with her flamboyant rival Beverley Leslie in a war of wills during a silent auction for charity.
5The pursuit of Barry pits Jack vs Will; lust for a hotel maintenance man consumes Karen, who poses as a maid to lure her prey.
5Will forms a gin-soaked anti-romance club with other lovelorn losers -- his cuckoo boss, Mr. Stein, and Karen. Desperate to learn the tricks of being seductive, Grace enrolls in Jack's acting class.
5Will attempts to surprise Grace for her birthday by sneaking Leo back from Africa.
5Karen searches for a roommate and finds a high-maintenance individual who shares many of her eccentricities; Grace and Jack must intervene when Will uses painkillers as a crutch.
5Karen hires a seemingly immature attorney to argue against Will in her divorce. Meanwhile, a wealthy client comes between Grace and Jack's friendship.
5Stan's sudden death roils Karen, who confronts his mistress at his funeral, and demands that the will be read then and there.
5Karen and the gang sets sail on her yacht to scatter Stanley's ashes in the Caribbean.
6Anxiety occupies Will and Jack, who dread they may have had sex together; and spousal jealousy afflicts Grace, who's concerned that Leo is having an affair while on his medical mission in Guatemala.
6Tipsy fashion editor Diane -- Leo's old flame -- has a dinner-party revelation: she once had sex with Will in a college dorm. The news vexes Grace, whose jealousy has an impact upon Leo.
6Grace and Leo join Karen for a friendly game of tennis at her exclusive country club. A visit with Will's melancholy mom tests Jack's fear of her.
6Jack lands a speaking role opposite James Earl Jones in an off-Broadway play. Meanwhile, Will and his mother continue their living arrangement, despite a secret desire to part ways; and Grace finds a way to save money at the gym.
6Leo does not get what he expects when he turns to Will to help rekindle his love of New York; Karen coaches Jack for the annual gay spelling bee.
6Lonesome Will is embarrassed to be seen in public rolling along with his mom and her broken foot and bumps into a bachelor doing the same with his mother. Meanwhile, Karen tries to track Lorraine down only to discover her father Lyle.
6Pressured by Will, Karen decides it's time for her annual Walker corporate physical. Jack finds his true calling--student nursing--and begs Will and Karen to support this new endeavor.
6A marital crisis upsets Grace, who reluctantly confides in Will after leaving Leo in Cambodia; nursing school flusters Jack, intimidated by a no-nonsense instructor who gets set straight by Karen.
6Will catches the eye of a female diner after being stood up; Grace bumps into a man with whom she once shared a forgettable encounter; Karen runs into her nemesis, Candice Bergen.
6A Barry Manilow concert enthuses Will, an avid fan not above coming on to a staffer with direct access to the star. Meanwhile, Grace discovers her mother has cancelled their annual shopping spree to have dinner with Jack.
6Grace's free-loading sister comes to town to launch her latest business enterprise; Karen spurns Lyle's proposals but has a change of heart when Lorraine expresses her disapproval.
6A rich plastic surgeon tries to buy Will's affection; Grace boycotts a new restaurant.
6Will's slightly eccentric new client falls for Jack, who refuses his advances. Meanwhile, Grace and Karen discover hidden money while trying to fix the plumbing in Leo's cabin.
6Will is the only single man in a cooking class full of couples, including Jack and his new boyfriend; Karen's mother asks Grace to decorate her apartment.
6Will and Grace begin a business venture selling apartments; Jack runs into his former acting mentor, Zandra; Karen and Lyle try to renew romance.
6The Karen-Lyle affair founders, thanks to willful Lorraine; the Jack-Stuart liaison loses luster, giving Will and Grace a chance to resell the guys' apartment for a much higher price.
6Will and Grace clash with lesbian apartment flipper champs. Meanwhile, Karen seeks the spiritual guidance of psychic John Edward.
6Speeding lands Karen a ticket from a stoic cop, whose court appearance holds a surprise for Will. Another revelation stems from Jack's mistrust of Stuart, espied in a movie theater with a much younger fellow.
6Will makes the mistake of taking Grace's advice on love, playing hard-to-get with his new pseudo-boyfriend. Meanwhile, Jack and Karen despair after learning their favorite TV series will be going off the air.
6Grace meets Vince, but abruptly leaves shortly after; Jack auditions replacements for Karen because he thinks her marriage will end their friendship.
6At Tina's urging, Will tries to find out if there is a new woman in his father's life. Meanwhile, Elliot asks for Jack's help when he tries out for the high-school cheerleading squad.
6On the eve of his graduation from nursing school, a nervous Jack turns to Will for help writing his commencement address.
6Karen and Lyle fly to Las Vegas to elope. Meanwhile, Leo returns from Cambodia.
7Jack and Jennifer Lopez return from her summer tour, and Karen recruits Jack to help her get J-Lo to listen to her newly written ballad. Meanwhile, Grace takes out her frustrations over cheating husband Leo on Will.
7Jack auditions as a backup dancer for Janet Jackson. Meanwhile, Grace comes between Will and Vince.
7Free food lures Grace to AA, where she links up again with wacky Val; a new gay TV network relishes Jack's earthy ideas, like a nude variation of 'Jeopardy.'
7Will and Grace invite a new neighbor over for dinner. Meanwhile, Jack feels he can't relate to his new co-workers after they mock him about his Cher doll.
7Vince has the perfect gift for Will's birthday -- until Grace convinces him otherwise. Meanwhile, Karen is depressed because Will's birthday coincides with her late husband Stan's birthday.
7Karen takes over when Grace can't handle a newlywed couple. Will convinces Jack to aid a local gay-bookstore owner to save his store from closing.
7Will and Grace invite Vince and his straight female friend, Nadine, over for dinner and her sweetness belies a deep-rooted jealousy. Meanwhile, Karen's stint as Jack's assistant at Out TV proves disastrous.
7Memories of Leo haunt Grace as their wedding anniversary nears and she readies to get back in the dating game. Meanwhile, Karen and Jack fix each other up on dates, which, of course, turn out disastrously.
7Will and Grace go on a road trip for Grace's getaway weekend, while Jack signs up a has-been commercial star for the Out TV spokesman.
7A chaotic Thanksgiving with Vince's folks finds Grace attracted to a young hunk, Jack privy to a sex secret that could tear the family apart, and Will cooking and trying to keep the peace.
7Grace attends a holiday party at Will's mother's home and accidentally breaks a treasured Lladro figurine. Meanwhile, Karen's reunited with her stepdaughter, whose connivances are known to Jack.
7A spiteful magnate seeks to bankrupt Karen over a high-school affront that scarred his psyche. Meanwhile, Grace and Jack run into Vince while playing hooky from work.
7Will's shrewd boss hosts a posh party to size up associates who are anxious for a full partnership in the firm. At the fete, the competition turns testy, and Grace winds up schmoozing with the boss's spouse.
7Using an alias, Scott Woolley hires Grace to design his new restaurant under the condition Grace fires Karen. Meanwhile, Jack takes Will out to the club to get his mind off Vince, but ends up ditching him.
7Grace meets a hunky greeting card writer on Valentine's day as Karen's former nemesis Scott Woolley tries to win her heart by showering her with gifts.
7Grace has a hot date with a new beau, and an uncomfortable Will is talked into coming along so Grace doesn't get out of control. Meanwhile, Jack has the hots for nerdy bird-watcher Aaron.
7A pastry chef frosts Karen, who wants the fellow fired by Will. Trouble is, he's attracted to the guy and his concoctions. Also, Grace's new beau is humbled by Jack, who, in turn, gets a dressing-down from Grace.
7Will and Jack invest in a house at a 'big, hot, gay getaway' in upstate New York. Meanwhile, Ellen asks Grace to babysit her three children, but changes her mind when she finds out Will is out of town.
7Noted shrink Dr. Georgia Keller gives short shrift to Will and full attention to Grace, an 'interesting' case study for the therapist's new book. Meanwhile, eyeglasses redefine reality for Karen.
7Jack secretly sets Will up for his new show on OutTV, 'Pink'd'. Grace and Karen go golfing with Grace's father and his buddy.
7Grace has a 'near death' experience while shopping and decides to have Will draw up her will. Meanwhile, Jack discovers that someone is using the 'McFarland Method' to teach acting classes.
7Having quit his job at the law firm, Will turns to a career in writing. Meanwhile, Tom, an old flame from college, returns to ask Grace to design a hotel while Jack struggles to produce his latest show for OutTV; Karen is forced to apologize to Beverley.
7Will becomes suspicious of his new boss and he discovers a startling secret about an old friend. Meanwhile, Grace quits the hotel design job when Tom can no longer hide his feelings; Jack is promoted to host of his own talk show with Karen as co-host.
8The eighth-season opener centers on Karen, who's unaware that her presumed-dead spouse--the never seen Stan--is actually alive. Her friends are reluctant to tell her.
8Stan's return rattles Karen, who feels 'lied to.' Will offers solace -- sort of. Meanwhile, Grace gets a rep as a homophobe on Jack's talk show, thanks to injudicious editing that she seeks to set straight in no uncertain terms.
8Grace goes on a blind date with a cheery though clueless goof who's an old pal of Karen's tempestuous beau, Malcolm. Elsewhere, Will takes swimming lessons from Jack.
8A reclusive buttinsky figures in Will and Grace's 10th annual trivia game. In other events, Stan reappears--sort of--in a very steamy steam room, where he's confronted by Malcolm.
8Jack's new flame is a flighty egotist who had 15 minutes of TV fame as a preteen when he fell into a hole. Now he's a participant in Will's corny carnival, where Grace is a reluctant date for Malcolm.
8While en route to London, Will and Grace spot Grace's ex-husband Leo on their flight. Meanwhile, Jack tries to reunite Karen and Rosario, but her new maid gets in the way.
8Will is thrilled to help Jack look for another apartment, but after getting involved in an effort to help two gay penguins stay together at the zoo, he has second thoughts about the move. Meanwhile, Karen and Grace attend Beverley's wife's memorial.
8After another visit with her domineering mom, a frazzled Grace gets advice from Jack on how to deal with her. Meanwhile, on the first day of his new job, Will chases after a slumlord: Karen.
8While spending the holidays at Will's mother Marilyn's house, Grace gets cozy with Will's brother and old flame Sam. Meanwhile, Jack helps Will's clearly gay nephew organize and perform a Christmas show.
8Grace dresses like Maria for a sing-along screening of 'The Sound of Music,' but Will, her Capt. Von Trapp, winds up at the wrong theater, where he meets a cute stranger. Meanwhile, Karen gets herself into trouble with theater management.
8Karen celebrates her birthday with some of New York's crème de la crème, but the festivities turn sour when she ends up crammed in the bathroom with Grace, Will and Jack, who have all embarrassed themselves at the party.
8Will gives Grace a guilt trip when his former boss Margot offers her a lucrative decorating job that conflicts with a job she has planned at a nursing home. Meanwhile, Jack's dying of curiosity about a 'forbidden room' in Karen's mansion.
8Will and Grace are shocked when their seemingly happily married friends announce over dinner that they're splitting up. Then Will gets another jolt when their waiter turns out to be his ex-boyfriend Vince. Meanwhile, Jack helps a fan.
8Will, Karen, and Grace journey to Los Angeles, where Jack and Elliot are touring UCLA. While Grace becomes star-struck in the celebrity saturated city, Will chances upon James and learns he's worried about being deported.
8The big day has finally arrived as Grace and James get ready for their green-card wedding.
8Grace decides it's finally time to tell Leo she is pregnant with his child, but when she finally works up enough courage to actually meet her ex-husband she receives some unexpected news. Will sees a side of James that he doesn't like.
8Jack coerces Will into coming out with him to a gay cowboy bar to meet his new boyfriend Travis. Grace hires a second assistant.
8A large corporation takes over OutTV, completely revamping Jack's talk-show and giving him a conservative co-host. Karen decides to hire someone to have her baby.
8Will gets upset when his parents give Grace his boyhood blanket, resulting in a family squabble that escalates with devastating consequences. Meanwhile, Karen pushes an unemployed Jack to pursue his acting dream.
8At his father's funeral, Will grapples with their last encounter; Grace begins to doubt her potential to be a good mother.
8Will and Grace attend childbirth classes; Karen seeks comfort from very busy Jack.
8Vince's plans to move into a brownstone with Will do not include Grace; Jack's show premieres.
8After eight seasons, the Emmy-winning sitcom comes to an end as Will and Grace continue to ponder raising her child together.

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