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First Civilization to Invent 365-day Calendar
First Roman Emperor of the Principate Era
Chinese Emperor who Wrote 'The Art of War'
Roman who Assassinated Julius Caesar
Civilization is Said to Have Begun with The Creation of This Civilization
The Assyrian Empire Ended with the Capture of this City
This Medieval European Pandemic Killed At Least 75 Million
First City to Reach a Population of 1 Million
First European Civilization to Reach North America
The Guide for Lewis and Clark's Expedition
The First Successful American Settlement Was at This Town in Modern-day Virginia
This October 19, 1791 Battle was a Decisive One in the American Revolution
Napoleon's Rule of France Ended with this Battle
The Longest Serving British Prime Minister
Site of Lincoln's Famous Speech and a Great Civil War Battle
This Man's Assassination of Franz Ferdinand is Considered to be a Major Cause of World War I
This World War I Battle in France is Considered to be a Key Early Moment for Canadian Nationalism
The USA Joined World War I in what Year
This Pandemic Caused About 1/3 of Deaths During World War I
The German Chancellor at the Start of World War I
Term for Gandhi's 1930 March that Lasted 24 Days
Term Used to Describe 1929 Stock Market Crash
The Term for the Laws Passed by Roosevelt in Response to the Great Depresssion
Hitler was First 'Elected' in What Year
The Hebrew Term for the Holocaust
After Jews, what Group Suffered the Most Deaths From the Nazis During the Holocaust
The Japanese Attack on What US City brought the US into World War II
Speaker of 'Never Was So Much Owed By So Many to So Few'
The Second Japanese City to be Hit by an Atomic Bomb
This War Was the First Military Action of the Cold War
First Artificial Satellite in Space
First Man in Space
The Apollo 11 Austronaught who Didn't Walk on the Moon
Soviet Dictator During Cuban Missile Crisis
President Who Asked Mr. Gorbachev to Tear Down This Wall
The Berlin Wall Fell in Which Year
After Mikhail Gorbachev Resigned, who Took Control of the UUSR For its Final Day
On What Date in 1991 did the Soviet Union Dissolve
What Terrorist Group Claimed Responsibility for the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks

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