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Can you complete the things with some form of Britain in them?

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British _____Airline founded in 1974
British Academy of Film and Television _____Film, television and games organisation
_____ BritainIsland in the Atlantic Ocean
_____ BritainComedy TV series (2003)
_____ in BritainTV film with Tim Roth (1982)
Britain's Got _____TV series (2007)
_____ BritainBBC documentary presented by Peter and Dan Snow (2004)
_____ that shook BritainTV series
_____ BritainOfficial UK Tourism agency
_____ BrittonTV presenter (b. 1957)
_____ BrittenComposer (1913-1976)
_____, Britannia!Patriotic song (1740)
Britannia _____ SocietyFormer financial institution (now merged with Co-op)
_____ of BritainWWII
British _____ InternationalFormer airline (1938-2012)
BRIT _____Performing arts and technology _____
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and _____ IrelandCountry
HintAnswerExtra info
_____ BritannicaGeneral knowledge publication
Britannia _____Stoke City's Premier League home
_____ BritainDescription of perceived widespread state of social decay in the UK, as used by the Conservative Party and The Sun
British _____Canadian province
British _____The Indian subcontinent between 1858 and 1947
British _____ IslandsOverseas territory
_____ BritainMarvel superhero
Briton _____Welsh town
_____ of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire3rd rank order of chivalry in the UK
British _____ PartyFar-right political party
_____ BritainArt gallery in London
British _____ of Film ClassificationFormed 1912
_____ of Britain1951 national exhibition
British _____ TobaccoTobacco company
The Royal British _____Armed forces charity
Royal _____ of British ArchitectsProfessional body

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