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Can you name the lines of the 2ne1 members?

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Come in Come in Come in dareun saesangeuro Jikyeobkiman han komineun ijae deungeul jigo
Naega bwado naega jom kkeutnaejujanha Alright Nega narado I momi bureobjanha Alright
I Am The Best 
I Don't Care Geumanhallae Niga eodieseo mwol hadeon ije jeongmal sanggwan Anhalge
I Don't Care 
Neomu chakhan neonde neon geudaeroinde Oh
I think I'm ugly And nobody wants to love me
Geureoni neo yeokshi naegaeseo youngwonhee Jayuroweo jigil barae jigeun eesoongan Sarangeun eonjaena a-eeya-eeya apeumdo itneun geoya Eejae neol itneun geoya
Love is Ouch 
HAHAHA jaemitnuengeol SAY LALALA nan teukbyeolhan GIRL CALL ME (name) (name) YES ja bbajyeobwa LET’S GO!
Follow Me 
Can't nobody. can't nobody hold us down Cause we keep rockin, ' we keep rock rockin', yeah
Can't Nobody 
Bakssu chyeo, bakssu chyeo Modu soneul olligo Jeo haneurege mareul kkeoreo bwa Bakssu chyeo, bakssu chyeo Ijebuteo sijagiya K.O.R.E.A
Clap Your Hands 
Don't don't don't don't don't don't Don't stop the music Don't don't don't don't don't don't
Don't Stop The Music 

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