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Can you name the Presidents and other rulers of Gallifrey?

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PeriodLord or Lady PresidentPortrayal
FoundationDoctor Who Magazine
Eternal War
Eternal WarRichard Matthews
ImperiatrixBrenda Longman
ImperatorMichael Spice
ImperatorPast Doctor Adventures
Old Time
Long RulePast Doctor Adventures
Eleven-Day EmpireEighth Doctor Adventures
Theta SigmaPast Doctor Adventures
DynastyRadio Times
DynastyRadio Times
First DoctorRadio Times
First DoctorGallifrey
Third DoctorRoy Purcell
Fourth DoctorLlewellyn Rees
Fourth DoctorTom Baker
Fifth DoctorPeter Davison
Fifth DoctorLeonard Sachs
Fifth DoctorPhilip Latham
Fifth DoctorPeter Davison
Fifth DoctorDinah Sheridan
Fifth-Sixth DoctorEighth Doctor Adventures
Sixth DoctorMichael Wade
Sixth-Seventh DoctorEighth Doctor Adventures
PeriodLord or Lady PresidentPortrayal
Seventh-Eighth DoctorLalla Ward
Eighth DoctorMichael Wade
Eighth DoctorLalla Ward
Civil WarLalla Ward & Mary Tamm
Civil WarSteven Wickham
Civil WarLalla Ward
Civil WarMiles Richardson
Civil WarStephen Perring
Eighth DoctorLalla Ward
Second War in HeavenJuliet Landau
Second War in HeavenFaction Paradox
Second War in HeavenFaction Paradox
Second War in HeavenPhilip Madoc
Second War in HeavenJet Tattersall
Eighth DoctorLalla Ward
Eighth DoctorCelia Imrie
Eighth DoctorTim Treloar
Eighth DoctorRobert Bathurst
Last Great Time WarPippa Bennett-Warner
Last Great Time WarDavid Sibley
Last Great Time WarTimothy Dalton
Ninth-Twelfth DoctorDonald Sumpter
Twelfth DoctorPeter Capaldi
Twelfth DoctorTitan

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