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Can you name all of my biases? (incl. actors, actresses and soloists)?

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Golden maknaeBTS
Hiphop team, visual, the tallest one Seventeen
in charge of acrobaticsGOT7
rapper, maknae, fluent in EnglishMONSTA X
rapper, leader, has a younger sisteriKON
lead vocal, monolidBig Bang
main rapper, SMTM4 WINNER
main vocal, evil maknaeSuper Junior
main vocal, singer-songwriterSHINee
Kkaebsong~, V's 'mom'EXO
the tallest one, was on LOTJInfinite
main vocal, BarbieVIXX
vocalist, actorCNBLUE
vocalist, actorFT Island
vocalist, collaborated with AOA JiminN.Flying
Jungkook look-alike, leader, main vocalDAY6
Dream High, 3 meals a day, rapper2PM
very athletic, rapperBTOB
fake maknae, main vocalBEAST
another Jungkook look-alike, main vocalUP10TION
power voice, face of the groupTeen Top
another athletic idol, lead vocalZE:A
V's 'dad', main vocalB.A.P
maknae, was the host for ASFYB1A4
One of the twinsBoyfriend
I think I have a thing for main vocalistsTVXQ
Yup, it's true alrightJYJ
Seriously, wow.SNSD
Another one?2NE1
main rapper, has a youtube channel, social butterflyf(x)
Toronto, blue, yet again another main vocalRed Velvet
And another. WhoopsAOA
Yup, you guessed itSISTAR
Seriously what's with the main vocalsAfter School
the star of the viral fancamG-Friend
this one's another main vocalO.M.G
Add this one too. She's also the leaderCLC
maknae, got into a controversy recentlyTWICE
kkap dancerMiss A
this one's a main vocal too4Minute
this one as wellEXID
green, Taeyeon look-alikeRainbow
I'm sorry I think I'm obsessed with main vocalsGirl's Day
collaborated with Yongguk, main vocal Secret
lead vocal, Nasty Nasty9Muses
main vocal, actressApink
yet again another main vocalistBESTie
supposed to debut with SNSDT-ARA
aegyo queen, main vocalLovelyz
Korean BeyonceSoloist
23, Dream High, ProducersSoloist
N, Sungjae, actorSoloist
Pinocchio, I Hear Your VoiceActor
Heirs, School 2013, Shin Min AhActor
Blood, You Who Came From The StarsActor
Dr. Stranger, You Who Came From The StarsActor
To The Beautiful You, Heirs, MisaengActor
You Who Came From The Stars, Dream High Actor
The Girl Who Sees SmellsActor
Secret Garden, Hyde,Jekyll,MeActor
Heirs, Faith, Boys Over Flowers, SuzyActor
It's Okay It's Love, Running ManActor
Reply 1988, Music Bank MCActor
Hyde,Jekyll,Me, High SocietyActor
Kill Me Heal Me, Lee BoyoungActor
She Was Pretty, Kill Me Heal Me, ex Music Bank MCActor
Good Doctor, Yong Pal, King of Baking, Kim Tak Gu Actor
The Innocent Man, Descendants of the Sun, ex regular Running Man cast Actor
To The Beautiful You, Moorim SchoolActor
King of Baking, Kim Tak Gu, Flower Boy Next DoorActor
Emergency Couple, Gu Family Book, HeirsActor
Pinocchio, Heartstrings, HeirsActress
Birth of A Beauty, TeddyActress
Emergency Couple, Jumong, Running ManActress
Misaeng, Dr. Stranger, Dream High 2Actress
Masters' Sun, It's Okay It's LoveActress
I Hear Your Voice, God's Gift-14 Days, Ji SungActress
Kill Me Heal Me, She Was PrettyActress
Secret Garden, The Time We Were Not In LoveActress

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