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a carbonyl functional group found in glucose
a cellular organelle responsible for creating proteins
protein structure associated with two or more subunits
'sex-cell' producing plant part
central region of a chromosome
the term that describes cells that have 'n' chromosomes
enzyme used by C3 plants to fix carbon
anus forms before the mouth
can be divided down numerous planes into equal halves
wings of a bat and flippers of a whale
population growth pattern when resources are unlimited and the environment is unstable
monomers that make up a DNA molecule
lactose and sucrose are examples of this type of 'double' sugar
the splitting of a large molecule that utilizes a molecule of water
releases free energy to surroundings
the diffusion of water
enzyme that prevents the over-coiling of DNA strands during replication
enzyme utilized during transcription
the start codon
one of THREE stop codons
what a cell membrane is mostly made of
type of immunity that utilizes NON-specific cells that act immediately; all organisms have this
the term that refers to the state of a neuron during a resting potential
an endocrine process that utilizes two or more hormones to return the body to a state of equilibrium
transport proteins that move large quantities of water across a cell membrane
molecule that acts as an electron and proton shuttle during photosynthesis
part of cellular respiration that takes place in the cytoplasm
chances that two heterozygous parents will produce heterozygous offspring
a genetic condition usually passed from a carrier mother to a son
the study of the development of organisms

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