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DescriptionCharacterBook Introduced
Caretaker of Fablehaven's wife, was once a chickenBook 1
A friendly dragon who was raised by fairies. He inherited some of the fairies' power, such as making things grow.Book 4
Centaur that died from overpowering darkness and light.Book 3
A fairy broker who goes to a Brazilian preserve to uncover the OcculusBook 1
Leader of the Knights of the Dawn and the Society of the Evening Star. Main Antagonist.Book 2
The 'World's Greatest Adventurer'. Had many accomplishments including obtaining the Chronometer. Traveled to the future to save Fablehaven.Book 3
A Shadow Charmer, grandson of Fablehaven's caretakerBook 1
Person who takes care of Fablehaven's choresBook 1
Most reliable fairy at Fablehaven. Silver wings with blue hair. Foster mom of a friendly dragonBook 1
A Knight of the Dawn who was a mute albino for a couple of yearsBook 2
A demon who almost died from sickness then got healed. He took the artifacts and took over the Society of the Evening StarBook 3
Demon at Fablehaven who ties himself to a hamadryad and almost overthrew Fablehaven using a shadow plague.Never makes a direct appearance
Person with sleight of hand. Tricked Seth into feeding a demon.Book 2
Viviblix partner of the leader of the Knights of the Dawn/Society of the Evening Star.Book 2
A heartbroken hamadryad who ties herself to a demon at Fablehaven and becomes dark. Works with that demon to overthrow Fablehaven.Book 2
Caretaker of FablehavenBook 1
DescriptionCharacterBook Introduced
The Potions Master who comes from a family of potion makersBook 2
The demon guider of the leader of the Knights of the Dawn/Society of the Evening Star.Book 5
Fairykind granddaughter of Fablehaven's caretakerBook 1
Satyrs who need C-size batteries for their illegal portable television. Willing to trade gold. (Name Both)Book 1
Wizard Caretaker of Wyrmroost who lives at Blackwell Keep. Helps the Knights find a clue about the keyBook 4
Satyr who has a weird affection for Fablehaven's caretaker's granddaughter.Book 3
A lieutenant of the Knights of the Dawn who gets eaten by a dragon at Wyrmroost Book 3
Main navigator of the Knights of the Dawn. Used to live at Lost Mesa before it fell.Book 2
The Demon Prince who betrays the Knights of the Dawn at WyrmroostBook 3
Nacroblix who betrayed Fablehaven. Killed a dragon when inhabiting somebody at Wyrmroost.Book 2
A trusted member of the Knights of the Dawn who leaded the exhibition to WyrmroostBook 2
A unicorn who sacrificed his horn to keep the demons in Zzyzx sealed. Book 5
A unicorn who created all beings of light.Book 1
Hermit troll who lives in the knapsack. Loves Yahtzee.Book 3
A demon who bites whoever feeds it. It grows and eats the person who fed it.Book 2
Former naiad who was the wife of the 'World's Greatest Adventurer'Book 1

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