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Can you name the anime/manga by powers/moves/techniques?

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Devil Bat Ghost, Devil Bat Dive, Devil Bat Hurricane
Railgun, Black Claw, Burst Railgun
Soaring Dragon Flight, Dragon Hammer Strike, Amakakeru Ryū no Hirameki(Heaven-Bridging Dragon Spark)
X Burner
Evil Eye, Snake Bite
Amida-Style: Shockwave Buddha-Slash, Halo Blade,Grand Halo Blade,The Absence of Ignorance
Sunlight Slasher, Sunlight Flasher, Sunlight Crasher
Stance of Sin, Death Cannon,
Nail Punch, Fork, Knife
Eyes of Death Perception
Immortality, Beast Enslavement:Chin-Kuu,Tou-Chao
Satan's Flames
Cross Grave, Cross Paling, Crown Clown
Super Milk Time
Mysticker: God Hand, Tamamayu
Burst Bullet, Burst Fang, Burst Machine Gun
Ganta Gun
Fire Dragon's Roar, Fire Dragon's Iron Fist
Hysteria Mode
Texas Chainsaw, Texas Chainsaw Hurricane
Oni no te
Quasi-Zekkai, Shinkai, Musou
Tongari, Mr. Dandy, Lucky Leo, Nova:Chiron, Gany Medes,
Unlimited Blade Works
Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, Rasengan
Meikyō Shisui, Ougi Meikyō Shisui 'Sakura', Matoi
Electricity, Lightning Emperor
Gum Gum Machine Gun, Second Gear, Third Gear
Thunderbolt, Volt Tackle
Kuma-ken, Kuma Ryūsei
Devil Laser Bullet, Hail Devil Pass, The Gargoyle
Hokushin Ittou-ryu (North Star Sword Style), Haja Kensei: Okha Houshin
Devil Backfire, Devil Backfire Neo

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