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Can you name the two states whose abbreviations make up the spelling of the answer to the following clues?

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Outer edges of a circular object
Upper appendages
Without significance
Way to get a letter to someone else
Dog food brand with slogan ''Life's Better''
Monte Hall's game show ''Let's Make a ____''
Restaurant worker who also does this to the food
SI unit of electrical resistance (Ω)
Agreement between two or more parties
One may become this if their pen explodes on them
Childhood game ''____ and Seek''
Parental figures
Striped candy shaped like a ''J''
Aged grape juice, possibly
Entertainer who doesn't speak and usually wears white gloves
Term used when a plane descends to the ground
Type of whale Shamu was
Pen fillers
Monopoly is a popular board ____
Short tail, like that of a hare or deer
Description for things that decrease gradually, like candles
Took care of a debt, ____ off
Related by blood

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