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An organization that seeks political power by electing people to office so that its positions and philosophy become public policy.
A meeting of local party members to choose party officials or candidates for public office and to decide the platform.
type of Ballot that encourages party-line voting by listing all of a party's candidates in a column under the party name
Ballot on which all candidates are listed under the office for which they are running, making split-ticket voting easier.
committee set up by and made to represent a corporation, labor unioin, special interest group- can get candidate up to $5,000
ruval candidates have opposing views that also divides voters
voters look for which candidate's views most closely agrees with universally shared view
political parties spend $ on local party activities like voter registration campaigns (get more voters- will help party)
cast ballots for person with best ideas for handling an issue you know a lot about; common among political activists
vote based on how party that controls presidency has acted (not necessarily for challenger, but against incumbent), based on economic conditions, seen in congressional races (based
congressional district will vote on party for Congress, the other party for presidency
declare in advance that you are a registered member of political party in primary you want to vote
decide in booth which primary you wnat to participate in
if no one gets majority- reelection between 2 with most votes
pick delegates to presidential nominating convetnions of major parties (delegate selection only, delegate slection with advisory presidential preference, binding presidential prefe
A signal, frequently provided by interest groups, that tells a politician what values are at stake in an issue and how that issue fits into his or her own set of political beliefs
Any group that seeks to influence public policy
The sense of pleasure, status, or companionship arising from group membership
money, things, or services obtainable from interest group membership
the goals of an organization that, if attained, would benefit primarily nongroup members
organizations that attract members mostly by the appeal of tehir broad, controversial principles
organizations that gather information on consumer topics
The solicitation of funding through letter campaigns
The situation that arises when a government agency services as well as regulates a distinct group
Backing for a public policy that arises or is created in public opinion
A list, compiled by an environmental interest group, of those legislators who voted most frequently against its measures
The practice of lobbying officials with such promises as employment after their government service
the sense of satisfaction derived from serving a cause from which one does not benefit personally
Dentists join this interest group
This group is for moms who are aginst drunk drivers.

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