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ACasey's real name
BLocation of Fulcrum's secret base where Orion was being held
CBand whose song 'Short Skirt/Long Jacket' is the Chuck theme song
DMorgan's license plate for his DeLorian
EBig Mike's alma mater for business school
FFirst evil organization revealed
GProfessor Fleming's CIA code name
HPowder that came out of the music box in Chuck vs. the Fat Lady
ICause of Chuck's insanity
JCovered 'Africa' by Toto
KAbility provided by the Intersect 2.0 at the end of Season 2
LSarah's middle name
MArcade game that Jeff is a champion at before Chuck beats his high score
NWeapons with which the Buy More revolution was waged
OMorgan's most humiliating childhood nickname
PCity in which Shaw is shot by Chuck
QJames Bond character Chuck compares Laszlo Mahnovski to
RCasey's favorite president
SChuck's fake disease of choice
TFormer Buy More employee who moves to Hawaii believing that he's being sent on a spy mission
UChuck's 'first kill'
VActor that plays Lester
WSarah's first place of employment in Burbank
YActress whose character fought Nicole Richie's character
ZText-based game that Chuck and Bryce recreate at Stanford

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