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A= Muggle who spots harry and ron in the flying car.
B=The first name of the person ron is sent to find in when he is impersinating rege catermole at the minestry
C=surname of head of tom riddles orphanage
D=Former headmaster of Hogwart's surename
E=hogwarts student with an acne problem
F=Brother of Molly weasley and giddeon prewitt
G=ravenclaw prefect in harrys year surname
H=Improper use of magic employee
I=Peverel brother
J=Chudley Cannons beater
K=Head teacher of Durmstrang
L=The Irish seeker
M= Aragogs wife
N=Filch's cat
O=Went to arrest the guants
P=Dudleys best friends name
Q=.Irish beater
R=presidant of the english gobstone team
S=Deans best friend
T=A cat belonging to Mrs Figg
U=Senior under secretary to the minester.
V= The creature fleur is part
W=slytherin chaser
X=editor of the quibbler
Y=aunt petunias friend
Z= Slytherin boys first name

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