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How much do you know about the first book in the Harry Potter series? Play this hard trivia quiz to find out!

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What colour are Dudley's eyes?
Hermione took the place of which chess piece?
How much does one silver unicorn horn cost?
In which book did Harry find Hedwig's name?
Name one of Dumbledore's hobbies mentioned on his Chocolate Frog card.
Name one of the names Vernon Dursley thought his nephew was called.
What animal did Lee Jordan have in a box?
What day of the week was Harry's 11th birthday?
What did Harry's aunt and uncle send him for Christmas in his first year?
What did Professor Quirrell's classroom smell strongly of?
What did the banner Hermione, Ron and Dean made for Harry say?
What house was Lisa Turpin sorted into?
What is the incantation of the Leg Locker Curse?
What is the name of Nicolas Flamel's wife?
What kind of cat is Mcgonagall's animagus form?
What potion did the first years have to make in their Potions exam?
What school was Harry going to attend before he got his letter from Hogwarts?
What size cauldron must the first years bring?
What was the number of the vault the Philosopher's Stone was in?
What wood is Voldemort's wand made of?
Who is the author of 'Standard Book of Spells'?
Who is the captain of the Slytherin Quidditch Team in Harry's first year?
Who is the ghost of Hufflepuff House?
Who told Dumbledore they liked his new ear-muffs?
Who was the first cantaur Harry, Hermione and Hagrid met in the Forbidden Forest?

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