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to be comfortable in a situation
to not care
to have an affair
to sneak away
to sleep soundly
to manage
to get angry with
to be aware of, to avoid
to do one's best
to take care of something
to be cured of
to run away
to take advantage of something or somebody
to hold a grudge
to have a good time
to be uncomfortable in a situation
to call one another names
to note
to be an expert
to go away
to return (emphatic form of tornare)
to find oneself
to not have the courage
to run away
to take one's time
to fear the worst
to be done with something
to come to blows
to regret something
to sneak away
to get out of a difficult situation
to wash your hands of something/someone
to not care
to not care
to become infatuated with
to see oneself doing something
to take offense

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