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Can you name the Words than end with -ore.?

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Oliver Twist: Please Sir, I want some '____'.
According to J. R. R. Tolkien and Donnie Darko's English teacher, this phrase is intrinsically beautiful: “Cellar____'.
This word means to pierce with or as if with horn or tusk. I'm not BULL ****ting you.
Spanish for flower.
Myth, urban legend, folk ____.
The product of two and one million divided by five hundred thousand.
A row boat uses these but a power boat doesn’t have to. It should carry one just in case though!
The Land ______ Time. There were like ten of these movies.
Othello is (a) this term used during the English Renaissance to refer to dark-skinned people in general.
Honey, you sound like a chainsaw when you ____.
I just ____ my ACL.
Days of ____. (Obsolete. Means a long time ago.)
Natalie Imbruglia had a song in the 90s called torn in which she says 'I don't love you _______'.
Synonyms include bemoan, lament, bewail.
Interior design is comcerned with home _____. As in decoration.
To disgust, to hate, to _____. (Repugnance)
French and Indian, Vietnam, or Peloponnesian for example.
A varient of music tangential to some punk movements or metal. Also, diehard fans are this.
In abundance. Also a fictional 007 character whose first name is Pussy in the film Goldfinger.
Marco Polo, Vasco de Game, and Sir Frances Drake liked to do this.
You do this when you give someone the cold shoulder.
Second person pronomial adjective showing posession.
From Peace ____ all the way to the Marine ____.
Mary Magdalene might have been one of these.
Possibly one of my favorites: The Apple App _____.
Something miners mine.
Too be very fond of.
A particular way a juror might have promised to tell the truth.
Synonym of to fly.
She sells sea shells by the sea _____.
To make a point in sports, to make marks on, or to get some (colloquially).
Relation or connection. Something you want to build with other people especially your clients.
To beseech or entreat. To make a request of someone.
This Sporcle quiz was such a ____.
Hopefully you have this one already but if you don't, you have options. Choose this one __ that one.

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