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In Danger by Design, doing what activity could cause an explosion?
In Shadow at the Water's Edge, what does the Yurei break? Also include the room where it is.
In Curse of Blackmoor Manor, what does Alan's Computer have you find?
In Secret of Shadow Ranch what color is the cow feed?
Who is responsible for the 'ghostly encounters' in Message in a Haunted Mansion?
In Haunting of Caslte Malloy, what do you find on the garden bench?
Which game can you talk to Addison?
In Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake, how many dogs did Mickey Malone have?
Considering games 1-29, how many times must you deal with a pesky squirrel?
Name one game where you can find Sorpresa chocolates
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In The Haunted Carousel, what can you burn the hotel down with?
What is Cou Cou's relation to Lou Lou?
Which Waverly Academy girl is a legacy?
In Captive Curse, Renate talks about a scarf. What is printed on that scarf?
Who is an expert on Marie Antoinette, Crystal Skulls and The Lost Queen?
In which game do you interact with an iguana
What is the name of the device featured on the box art of The Deadly Device?
In Captive Curse, the monster supposedly goes after the girl holding what?
Name one of Mickey Malone's Dogs
Between games 1-29, how many characters/suspects have a name beginning with D?

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