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Can you answer these questions from the Nancy Drew Game Series?

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Where does Treasure in the Royal Tower take place?
Who sends Nancy to Japan where she finds herself solving her 23rd case?
The guest list for Kyler's wedding has names of people from older games. Name any of the games
Who, according to Sonny Joon, is Minnette's only friend
What is the name of the Lost Queen's Cat
What creature is Sonny Joon afraid of?
Where does Nancy send Jamilla when she wants to look in her bag?
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What is the name of Matt's best man
In Trail of the Twister, what is Ma's real name?
In Ransom of the Seven Ships, Nancy finds two names carved on a rock. Whose are they
What is the name of the gallery that Louis runs
Where does Nancy travel to in the Haunted Carousel
What does Nancy use to retrieve a key in Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon
In Danger by Design Nancy must find a wine bottle for someone. What year is that bottle from?

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