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On which high-rated podcast would you be entertained by the likes of Andy Zaltzman and John Oliver?
can you name one of the Halfbrick games featuring cartoon daredevil Barry Steakfries?
How many different kinds of mob feature in Minecraft Pocket Edition?
What is the most expensive gun available to use on Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter?
What are the 4 menu options on Fruit Ninja's main menu screen: Dojo, New Game, Game Center, _____?
What is the name of the Thai fighter on Street Fighter IV?
What is the name of the default avatar in Temple run and Temple Run 2?
Name one of the floor types in Tiny Tower
In Angry Birds Star Wars, what Star Wars character is the yellow bird?
Which company made Scrabble (for iPhone)?
What is the first tool/weapon found by Vandal in Dead Space?
In what boardgame-turned-application can you fund terrorists to steal your opponent's oil revenue and territories?
What is the highest stake multiplier you can win on devil slots on Doodle Devil?
How many ways are there to die in the original Doodle Jump?
In Pocket God, what has 'tiger blood and Adonis DNA?
In Plague inc, what is the smallest territory by land area?
Which 2D platformer game features an orange and blue robot named Cordy?
Name one of the courses on Flick Golf.
Who made Score: World Goals?
In Worms and Worms 2, what is the default weapon that you can always use?
In Where's My Water, what is the name of Swampy's girlfriend?
Which test of footballing knowledge written by Keith Hackett and Paul Trevillion originally appeared in a newspaper?
How many different balls are there in Blosics?
How many different colours of gem are there in Bejeweled classic mode?
In the sequel to which cartoon war strategy game can you play as Britain, Germany, France and USA?
Which ball-popping creature is the star of the popular puzzle game Zuma's Revenge?
Which inventive yet blatant rip-off of Super Mario Bros. stars a leprechaun looking for his lost gold?
How many points do you get for a perfect answer on the Logo Quiz?
In Plants vs. Zombies, which projectile zombie does the most damage?
In Bloons TD 5, how many red balloons come from one Z.O.M.G. Balloon?
Name one of the two pieces that can kill the Marshall in Stratego apart from another Marshall.
In Great Big War Game, how many stages are there in campaign mode?
What is the standard (and also weakest) weapon(s) used by Percy and Francis Gunn at the beginning of Gun Bros?
Which plant in Zombie Farm and Zombie Farm 2 has the biggest profit margin?
In iDestroy, what points can you earn to buy items?
what colour is the bird that you control in Tiny Wings?
What company was behind Tower Defense: Lost Earth?
Which game features mushrooms that are surprisingly similar to the mushrooms in Plants vs. Zombies?
Name one character that is locked at the beginning of Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing.
In Edge, what shape do you control?

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