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Can you name the movie that someone attempts or had attempted suicide?

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Frank Ginsberg, who lives with his sister after slitting his wrists, reluctanly travels 800 miles with his family to support his niece Olive in a beauty contest in this 2006 film.Unsuccessful
Conrad Jarrett lived an ordinary life until he slit his wrists after the accidental death of his brother in this 1980 film.Unsuccessful
Neil Perry shoots himself in his over-bearing fathers office after being forced out of prep school in this 1989 film.Successful
Phil Connors jumps off a building, drives off a cliff, places a toaster in his tub and jumps in front of a truck, all on the same day in this 1993 film.Unsuccessful
George Bailey ponders jumping off a bridge on Christmas Eve in this 1946 film.Unsuccessful
Brooks Hatlen is out on parole but ends up hanging himself after being unable to adjust to the outside world in this 1994 film.Successful
Harry Stamper sacrifices his life to save the world by detonating a nuclear bomb on an asteroid in this 1998 film.Successul
Charlie returns to find Lt. Col Frank Slade in his full-dress military uniform, preparing to commit suicide with a gun.Unsuccessful
Sergeant Martin Riggs nibbles a gun barrel and is considered suicidal by some after his wife dies so is reassigned to homicide with a new partner named Roger in this 1987 film.Unsuccessful
Method (Year)MovieResult
Louis Winthorpe III takes a bunch of pills when his life goes downhill after he unknowingly trades lives in this 1983 film.Unsuccessful
Lieutenant Colonel Markinson gets into full dress uniform and uses a nickle-plated pistol to shoot himself in this 1992 film.Successful
Ben Sanderson relocates to Las Vegas to drink himself to death in this 1995 film.Successful
Billy Cole pulls a gun out during the game then shoots three opposing players to make it to the end zone where he then shoots himself in the head in this 1991 film.Successful
Nicholas Van Orton jumps off a building, just as his father did when Nicholas was a child, after a game goes horribly wrong in this 1997 film.Unsuccessful
Capt. 'Painless' Waldowski thinks suicide is painless and takes a 'black capsule' (actually a sleeping pill) then falls asleep in a coffin in this 1970 film.Unsuccessful
Lisa Rowe stabs herself with a large hypodermic needle to commit suicide while at the mental institution Claymoore Hospital but is interrupted by Georgina in this 1999 film.Unsuccessful
Lane Myer thinks he'd be better off dead after he gets dumped by Beth so tries hanging himself and using carbon monoxide in this 1985 film.Unsuccessful
Presidential campaign advisor Libby Holden shoots herself after idealizing Gov. Jack Stanton her entire life only to learn how flawed he truly is this 1998 film.Successful

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