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Name the person, place or thing containing the word 'palm'.

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The central region of the anterior part of the hand.
A town in Florida.
A former 4 time MLB All-Star first baseman and outfielder.
Someone who can foretell your future.
A type of change-up pitch in baseball..
A technique for holding or concealing an object in your hand.
The name of a dish soap.
A type of tree indigenous to hot climates.
A flammable liquid used in warfare. Or what Robert Duvall loves to smell in the morning.
A famous golfer nicknamed, 'The King'. Or a type of drink.
A desert resort city in California.
A type of vegetable oil.
A 1998 film starring Woody Harrelson and Elizabeth Shue.
A type of Personal Digital Assistant.
A former 3 time Cy Young award winning pitcher with the Baltimore Orioles.
A casino hotel and residential tower located near the Las Vegas Strip.
A Christian moveable feast that falls on the Sunday before Easter.

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