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What Nessa was wearing when she woke up with SmithyA
What Smithy ordered three of when they had an IndianB
What Pam thought Smithy's real name wasC
Who Stacey thought died in her living roomD
Hywel, Kyle, Leighton, Achmed, Clifford and Gavin. Stacey's 6:E
A kiss, a cuddle, a cheeky...F
Gavin's friends who always used to come as a pairG
What does the word Bryn mean in Welsh?H
The duet Bryn and Nessa sang at Gwen's birthday partyI
According to Gwen, whose lyrics don't make sense?J
What does Bryn do to everyone when he arrives at the Shipman's for ChristmasK
Who Pam said she'd marry as part of 'Cruise, Marry, Shag' because she likes his saucesL
In her interview for this place, Stacey was asked if she could make tea and coffeeM
At the end of the day, he's needy. But Nessa wouldn't be without him for the worldN
And before you ask, no he doesn'tO
What Nessa's crystal ball actually isP
Smithy gets free drinks for doing this jobQ
What Bryn was afraid that nobody would eat if he bought a variety packR
Where Dave's caravan isS
Bryn's brother, god rest his soulT
What Smithy got Lucy for Christmas as well as a Tiffany bracelet and a My Little PonyU
Besides the Jam Dhani Hash, all Nessa has left of her time in India with Om PuriV
A dead body is the last thing Mick expects to find when he comes to...W
It's not racism, Stace, it's...X
Where Lucy met the 21 year old she cheated on Smithy withY
Smithy usually wears a tracksuit jacket with a...Z

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