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Can you name the Abbreviations or accronyms where the second letter is a C?

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Keeps you cool in the summerAC
Anno DominiBC
Unit used to express the total volume of engine displacementCC
Washington is located on this territoryDC
Institution of the European Union, where heads of state meet.EC
Real Madrid or Manchester United, for exempleFC
Nintendo's participation in the 6th generation of gamingGC
Honorary degree (for the sake of honor)HC
Chip used in almost every electronic device, nowadaysIC
Central figure of ChristianityJC
Largest city in MissouriKC
Largest city in the Grand Theft Auto seriesLC
Music artist who creates and performs vocals for his own materialMC
Its capital is RaleighNC
The TV Show 'The O.C.' is named after this settingOC
Windows is the main operating system for this machinePC
Canada's largest provinceQC
Technology used to manipulate model vehicules with a handheld transmitterRC
One of Blizzard's successful RTS game seriesSC
Top Gun and Mission : Impossible starTC
Los Angelest and Berkeley host its biggest campusesUC
NHL's only team located in British ColombiaVC
The meaning of the sign you're looking for when looking for a toiletWC
What this Roman numeral meansXC
Sports club related to sailingYC
Unit of electric charge (10^21 x base unit)ZC

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