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Can you name the Battlestar Galactica Grab Bag?

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Pilot Callsigns
Kara Thrace 
Lee Adama 
Karl Agathon 
Louanne Katraine 
Samuel Anders 
Sharon Agathon 
Sharon Valerii 
Admiral William Adama 
Brendan Costanza 
Mass-Produced Humanoid Cylons
Number 1 
Number 2 
Number 3 
Number 4 
Number 5 
Number 6 
Number 7 
Number 8 
The Final Five
Love Interests
Kara Thrace & Dualla 
Samuel T. Anders, Lee Adama & Zak Adama 
Admiral William Adama 
Prisoner Ship 
Luxury liner with Bio-dome 
President's Headquarters 
Mining Ship 
Civilian passenger liner destroyed by colonial fleet 
Hospital ship 
Colonial Fleet attack spacecraft 
Colonial Fleet multi-purpose military spacecraft 
Cylon attack spacecraft 
Cylon capital ship 
Cylon birthing ship 
The Twelve Colonies
The Ice Colony 
The Food Basket of the Colonies 
The Largest Democracy 
The Capital of the Colonies 
The First Colony 
The Heart of the Colonies 
The Colony of Justice 
The Ocean Colony 
The Lone Colony 
The Playground of the Colonies 
The Old Colony 
The Imperial Colony 

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