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LyricFill in blankSong Title
I've been idolizing the ___ in your eyes, OliviaOlivia
Not even the ___ above / Can separate the two of usYou & I
I will ___ past your house / And if the lights are all downOne Way or Another (Teenage Kicks)
And fall into my ___ insteadOne Thing
If this room was ___ / I wouldn't even noticeLittle White Lies
Don't go, it's not the ___ when you're goneChange Your Ticket
'Cause nobody ___ me baby the way you doFireproof
All my favorite ___ / Always made in the A.M.A.M.
I don't know how else to ___ it upBetter Than Words
When the ___ ran out and we both started running wildWhat a Feeling
So put your ___ up /Oh, oh, oh-oh-oh-oh/ ‘Cause it’s a stand upStand Up
They would just be ___ of usThey Don’t Know About Us
Oh, I ___ I could be more like youHey Angel
I get down on my ___ for youGirl Almighty
And I can lend you ___ partsOver Again
I want you to hit the pedal / Heavy metal, show me you ___Rock Me
We're only gettin' ___, babyNight Changes
You know I can't ___ the feelingRight Now
Under the ___ tonight you turned aroundStole My Heart
'Cause when I'm not with you, I'm ___Strong
When no one else was ever ___ meDrag Me Down
No, I'll still ___ the same around youAct My Age
We knew every ___, now I can't rememberBest Song Ever
Would he ___ you when you’re feeling low?I Would
But I see you with him ___ dancingI Wish
Couple ___ in the whole wide worldSteal My Girl
I won’t let these little things ___ out of my mouthLittle Things
I want, I want, I want to be ___ by youI Want
Oh, why you ___ that to walk out of my life?Love You Goodbye
And the ___ is in this songDon't Forget Where You Belong
The pedal's down, my eyes are ___No Control
LyricFill in blankSong Title
That's the ___ it would take to fix my heartInfinity
Tell me you don’t want my ___Tell Me a Lie
When he opens his arms and holds you ___ tonightMore Than This
I've really got my heart out on my ___Illusion
And, yeah, I let you ___ me from the day we first metFool's Gold
I’ll lift you up, I’ll never ___Another World
Or else we’ll play, play, play, all the ___ old gamesSame Mistakes
Headed straight for your heart, like a ___ in the darkWolves
So, baby, if you say / You want me to ___Change My Mind
'Cause we got all night / And we're going ___Why Don't We Go There
Long before we both ___ the same thing18
Calling out for ___ to hold tonightHome
'Cause you, you've got this ___ on meMagic
Come on, ___ out at meSomething Great
Your fingertips so ___ / And your eyes irresistibleIrresistible
There’s something in your ___ / Saying, c’mon, c’monC’mon, C’mon
I’m so sorry, I’m so ___ / Just tell me, am I out of time?I Should Have Kissed You
When I close my eyes / All the ___ alignOnce in a Lifetime
I was so ___ for lettin' you goStill the One
If there's something I've ___ / From a million mistakesEnd of the Day
Every ___ calling out your nameWhere Do Broken Hearts Go
I don't need my ___ / You can take itNever Enough
Baby, you light up my ___ like nobody elseWhat Makes You Beautiful
Spaces between us / Hold all our ___Spaces
Wanna be the ___ to take it all the way like thisLast First Kiss
In places that we've never been / For ___ we don't understandWalking in the Wind
And if you like having ___ little rendezvousPerfect
___ look back, live your lifeAlive
Had my ___, could've been where he is standingLoved You First
And jump around until we ___ the sunUp All Night
You only love to see me ___Taken
LyricFill in blankSong Title
Baby, you got me ___ downStockholm Syndrome
I wanna see the way you ___ for me, babyLittle Black Dress
___ you would be the oneHeart Attack
Everything I ___, I get from youI Want to Write You a Song
Let me be the one to lift your ___ up and save your lifeDiana
Another go ___ for all of my friendsClouds
If you don’t wanna take it ___ / And you just wanna take me homeKiss You
I don't wanna get lost in the ___ of the nightReady to Run
I spend her ___ until she's broke insideStory of My Life
No, we can’t ___ up our mindsNa Na Na
And somehow you ___ all my walls inTruly, Madly, Deeply
Does he know that you'll ___ go back?Does He Know?
For your ___ only / I'll show you my heartIf I Could Fly
'Cause no one ever looked so good in a ___Nobody Compares
I'm walking around with just one ___Half a Heart
Baby, you and me, ___ in the streetMidnight Memories
She’s not afraid of ___ wildShe’s Not Afraid
We ___ it up so high / And now I'm fallingLong Way Down
I know we only met but let’s pretend it’s ___Live While We’re Young
I can’t be no ___ /But for you I’ll be super humanSave You Tonight
Feels like ___ in SeptemberSummer Love
We could be the greatest ___ that world has ever seenHistory
I will carry you over ___ and water for your loveThrough the Dark
You know I’ll be your ___, your voiceMoments
Stop the ___ and rewindGotta Be You
From the ___ that we touch, babyEverything About You
You know I wanna be the one who ___ you when you sleepHappily
When you can't ___, I'll be your temporary fixTemporary Fix
___, I’ve been going crazyBack for You

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