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Can you name the 13 Top-Earning Dead Celebrities of 2009?

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Who, When, HowPersonEarnings
1. Algerian Born French Fashion Designer: June 1, 2008: Brain Cancer
2. Musical Composer and Playwright/Songwriter/Producer (The Sound of Music): December 30, 1979 and August 23, 1960: Chronic Illness/ Stomach Cancer
3. Musician, 'King of Pop': June 25, 2009: Homocide
4. Singer/Actor (Hound Dog): August 16, 1977: Heart Attack
5. Author (The Hobbit): September 2, 1973: Bleeding Ulcer
6. Cartoonist (Charlie Brown): February 12, 200: Colon Cancer
7. Musician (Beatles): December 8, 1980: Murder
Who, When, HowPersonEarnings
8. Author (Horton Hears a Who): September 24, 1991: Natural Causes
9. Scientist (Theoretical Physicists) : April 18, 1955: Natural Causes
Author (Jurassic Park): November 4, 2008: Cancer
Musician (Purple Haze): September 18, 1970: Barbiturate Overdose
TV Producer (Melrose place): June 23, 2006: Stroke
Artist (Campbell's): February 22, 1987: Complications from Gallbladder Surgery

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