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QuestionAnswer Letter
Region of space between Mars and JupiterA
The boundary between the Sun's solar wind and the interstellar mediumB
Only dwarf planet within 29 AU of the sunC
Moon of the dwarf planet ErisD
The third 'rock' from the sunE
The symbol for the element many asteroids are comprised ofF
Largest moon in the solar system - one of two larger than MercuryG
Another name for the SunH
A never-before-seen comet that's expected to be very bright, and perihelion on November 28, 2013I
The second largest object in the solar systemJ
The large region of icy objects 30-50AU from the sunK
Adjective for the moonL
Dwarf planet at an average distance of 46AU from the sunM
QuestionAnswer Letter
Invented the first practical reflecting telescopeN
Massive sphere of objects from around 2,000 AU to around 50,000 AU from the sunO
The largest asteroid (non-dwarf planet)P
Dwarf planet at an average of 43AU from the sunQ
Probe launched in 2004 by the ESA to explore comet Churyumov–GerasimenkoR
Third largest object in the solar systemS
The only moon in the solar system with a substantial atmosphereT
Moon of Uranus 727mi (1170km) in diameterU
The first man-made object to leave the solar systemV
A very bright comet that made perihelion in 1976W
One common form of radiation emitted by solar flaresX
Amount of time it takes Earth to complete one orbitY
Dust found between the sun and Jupiter that diffuses sunlight, causing a soft glow in dark night skiesZ

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