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Can you name the question to the 'Jeopardy!' answers from the final episode of the original 1964-75 series?

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'Jeopardy!' 1964
($10) Menlo Park, New Jersey 
($20) It flows between Buda & Pest 
Just Desserts
($10) Fruit served 'Romanoff' & 'Flambé' as well as in'Short cake' 
($20) It should be 'pulled' for 5-20 minutes, allowing 18' between hands 
($30) Desserts aptly nicknamed 'Lucifer's Lunch' & 'Seraphim's Snack' 
(Daily Double) It was introduced in 1876, 9 years after the territory was purchased from the czar 
($50) Name of this layered dessert is literally French for 'faultless' 
Famous Beaux
($10) Maid Marian set his arrows a-quiver 
($20) Guinivere's illicit love 
($30) The supplicating suitor of Josephine de Beauharnais 
($40) Bronx butcher beau of sadhearted schoolmistress in 1955 film 
($50) George Sand's swain, as recounted in 'Winter in Majorca' 
Musical Farewells
($10) Rock musical that ended with 'Let the sun shine in' 
($20) Why 'We'll tak a cup o' kindness yet', according to Robert Burns 
($30) It was first bugled by army aide-de-camp in July, 1862 
($40) She ends the show, 'I'm so glad we had this time together' 
($50) 1956 tune in which Judy Holliday advised 'It's time to wake up, all dreams must end' 
($10) He 'Stung like a bee' in Zaire, 10/30/74 
($20) These brothers will not stress politics on 'new' TV variety show 
($30) He was voted president in 1884, voted out in '88, voted back in '92 
($40) On her '74 comeback tour, fans shouted 'You are opera!' 
($50) After near-fatal illness, she made a courageous comeback in 'Subject was Roses' 
Scrambled 'Jeopardy!' Categories
($10) 'Lewd Wits' A companion to 'Cowboys & Indians' 
($20) To some contestants, this category was truly 'O rabid, wet foes' 
People in Jeopardy
($20) In 1876, his scouts reported Indian village ahead, near the Little Bighorn River 
($40) Red Buttons & Carol Lynley are among the few survivors of this 'Adventure' 
(Daily Double) 'Divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived' 
($80) Philistines taking him to the temple at Gaza didn't notice his hair had grown back 
($100) He ran out of luck when Brother-in-law arrived in Alexandria in 30 B.C. 
Long Runs
($20) John Wayne introduced this western to TV viewers 'nearly' 20 years ago 
($40) Zero Mostel was the first of many to play tevve in it 
($60) The toast of the town 
($80) This play about the day family ran for over 2,800 days 
($100) Since 1960, 22 El Gallos have advised 'Try to remember' in it 
Famous Last Words
($20) 'Eliza, fetch me my slippers' 
($40) Back in Kansas, she tells Aunt Em, 'There's no place like home' 
($60) 'I 'ope you like your drink', intoned this Kipling character  
($80) In 1919, 10 years after leaving the presidency, he asked, 'Please turn out the light' 
($100) 'The rest is silence' 
($20) Sioux, Wichita & Niagara 
($40) Baja 
($60) Only U.S. state whose name ends in 'G' 
($80) Panay, Leyte, Luzon, etc. 
($100) It borders all the Benelux countries 
Foreign Phrases
($20) 'Buona notte, Signora Calabash, dovecchessia tu sei' 
($40) 'Qui était cet homme masqué'? 
($60) In German, this George Gobel phrase is 'Ich werde ein schmutziger vogel sein' 
($80) Film whose title transliterates, 'Russki preeyezhayoot! Russki preeyezhayoot!' 
($100) In Latin, it's 'Totus graecus mihi est' 
Alter Egos
($20) Charles Darnay & Sidney Carton 
($40) The ragged Tom Canty & Edward VI 
Fictional Heroines
(Final Jeopardy) At the end of the novel, she says defiantly, 'Tomorrow is another day' 

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