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At 806ft (246m), what is Mississippi's highest point?States' Highest Points
What was the previous name of the country Mali?Previous Names of Countries
What African country uses the Dalasi as currency?Country by Currency Name
What is Nebraska's beer?50 States, 49 Beers
Which state's motto is Nil Sine Numine (Nothing Without Providence)?State by Motto
At 368m, what is the tallest building in Berlin, Germany?Cities' Tallest Buildings
Listed alphabetically, what would the 4th 'T' country be?Alphabetical Countries per Letter
What Pennsylvania city with 55,482 people was the 98th most populous in the US in 1910?US largest cities (1910)
What is the 13th largest 'ville' city in the US? 228th overall with 110,318 people.US 'Ville' Cities
What is the most populous 'F' city in the UK, with 65,034 residents?Populous UK Cities (A-Z)

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