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Can you name the Songs From the musical Chicago?

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start the car I know a woopie spot whereLyricCharacter
Come on hon where gonna bunny hug I bought some asprin now that your night is doneVelma Kelly
Sometimes I'm right sometimes I'm wrong but he follows roundRoxie Hart
If you want my gravy feather my raggu spice it up for mama she'll get hot for you.Mama Morton
Pop, Six, Squish, Uh uh, Cicero, Lipshits.Velma and the other murduresses
give me two eyes of blue softly saying I need youBilly Flinn
Who's fred Castley? My Ex-Boyfriend. Why'd you shoot him. I was leavin' Was he angry? Like a mad man, Till I said fred move along, She knew that she was doing wrong.Billy Flinn and the Reporters
Who says that murders not an art?Roxie Hart
She'd say, whats ya sista like? I'd Say Man, She'd say, your the cats meow, then we'd wow the crowd again...Velma Kelly
And even without cluckin like a hen, Everyone gets noticed now and then.Amos Hart
Give em the old flim flam flammy daze and dizzy em. Show em the first rate sorcerer you are. Billy Flinn
You can even marry harry, but mess around with Ike.Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly

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