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Can you name ALL the Friends' Partners during every season of the famous US sitcom?

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Friend - DifficultyAnswerClue
Rachel - easyLeft at the altar
Rachel - easyItalian
Rachel - easyLobsters
Rachel - medium'A doctor of gums. That's the smallest body part you can major in. It's like day one, floss, day two, here's your diploma.'
Rachel - mediumBought a whole new wardrobe from her
Rachel - easyThe father of a student that Ross dated
Rachel - easyShe didn't know his surename
Rachel - mediumAssumed her job when she was on maternity leave
Rachel - hardGot mad at people who sat in the wrong seats, 'The Screamer'
Rachel - very hardEx-restaurant owner, Phoebe sets them up, hates everything about himself but his hair
Rachel - easyGets Rachel Interviews at Bloomingdale's and Louis Vuitton
Rachel - mediumAlmost stood her up at prom
Rachel - mediumMistaken for a yeti in which the episode is named after
Rachel - easyFirst kiss in Barbados
Monica - easyShe broke his watch
Monica - hardA 'unique' voice. The group liked him but Monica didn't feel, 'the thing'
Monica - easyStarted stories with: 'I was so wasted...'
Monica - very hardLied about his age
Monica - easyMuscles from Brussels
Monica - easyNeeded the 'Jam Plan' and 'Baby Plan' to get over him (moustache)
Monica - very hardA poet and waiter
Monica - mediumConquered the business world, intellectual world and 'had' the most beautiful woman in the world
Monica - near impossibleInterpreter to one of Phoebe's boyfriends
Monica - mediumMotorcycle named after him
Monica - near impossibleTook her to the prom, almost killed Rachel's date for not turning up
Monica - hardMoustache Junior
Monica- near impossibleMarries Monica's cousin Franny, Monica isn't invited to the wedding due to this
Monica - easyCan't grow a moustache
Phoebe - easyDidn't return home with her from Barbados...
Phoebe - hardHer ice dancer husband
Phoebe - hardHas the body but not sensitive at first
Phoebe - hardSensitive but hasn't got the body at first
Phoebe - mediumShot a bird
Phoebe - hardGunther tells him to 'put the mouse back in the house'
Phoebe - near impossibleHealth inspector who shut many restaurants down
Friend - DifficultyAnswerClue
Phoebe - mediumEverything is AMAZING
Phoebe - very hardNeeded a translator to talk to Phoebe, but he could say plate
Phoebe - very hardAn erotic novelist... for children
Phoebe - near impossibleWore women's underwear
Phoebe - very hardStalks Phoebe thinking it's her sister
Phoebe - mediumWears the solar system to a fancy dress party
Phoebe - mediumAnalysed the group as a psychiatrist, didn't work in his favour
Phoebe - hardGot the Chickenpox, Ross expected more from a military man
Phoebe - hardOrganises music performances for children
Phoebe - easyCan play the piano, even without a piano
Joey - easySomeone he lost to Chandler
Joey - hardFemale version of Joey, a lone wolf, although Joey can't speak four languages!
Joey - easyImmune to 'How you doin'?'
Joey - easyProposed but didn't propose after she gave birth
Joey - easyThe ONLY attractive paleontology professor
Joey - hardJoey thought she forgot having been with him
Joey - very hardRoommate of the girl he thought had forgotten being with her
Joey - hardHits Joey and Rachel
Joey - hardTried to hide from her behind a coat stand, I mean successfully hid.. in his eyes at least
Joey - very hardJoey doesn't share food! Unless it's your cake.
Joey - very hardShe had dates with both Joey and Ross after relocating near them
Joey - hardShe was with the producer of a play but he dumped her after bad reviews, queue Joey
Joey - hardUnderstudy in Joey's play, sees him fly on a ladder attached to a spaceship
Joey - hardShe dated Joey for 3 years before the series started
Joey - very hardFlower basket businesswomen
Joey - near impossibleMet her working as an elf at a store
Joey - hardLeaves him to change the face of Mexican cinema!
Joey - near impossibleTakes Joey home from a double date with Chandler ordering desserts-to-go...
Joey - very hardJoey's London romance with a bridesmaid
Joey - hardAdoption inspection lady
Joey - hardThinks Joey IS Dr. Drake Ramoray
Joey - hardNot named, sleeps with her to get the job on Days Of Our Lives (DOOL)
Joey - easyWorks at Rifts by day, Buffay the Vampire Layer by night
Chandler - mediumHe prefers how she pronounces it: 'Chand-leuurr'
Chandler - easyOh.. my.. God!
Friend - DifficultyAnswerClue
Chandler - easyLed to Chandler's sentence of being locked in a wooden box
Chandler - near impossibleBroke up because she was fat
Chandler - hardShe disliked his third nipple/nubbin
Chandler - hardMatt Perry dated her in real life, Hollywood Star
Chandler - hardThey made out, a lot. In college.
Chandler - mediumGets hit by a car
Chandler - near impossibleScreams in her sleep
Chandler - easyOnce severely injured his toe
Ross - easyWere only actually together during flashbacks
Ross - easyAlmost bought cat(s) with her
Ross - easyLobsters
Ross - easyLiked being bald
Ross - easy'I take thee Rachel'.. oh wait.. that's not it!
Ross - easyExcellent water balloon headshot
Ross - easyForgot about her, a lot
Ross - hardHer real weakness is garlic bread!
Ross - easyOh.. my.. God!
Ross - very hardHad such a clean house. Not.
Ross - near impossibleGot attacked by Marcel
Ross - very hardCan't 'go' in public restrooms, thinks Rachel is Ross' daughter
Ross - hardGirl from the Xerox place
Ross - near impossibleLoses her when Carol turns up at the same Sushi bar and Susan has to go to work
Ross - near impossiblePhoebe dated her ex-husband
Ross - very hardHe injured himself helping with a very heavy box
Ross - near impossibleHe couldn't pull up his leather pants on a date with her
Ross - near impossibleVery white teeth didn't impress her
Ross - easyNot named, her long distance location was used to reference her
Ross - very hardNot named, referenced by how close she is to Ross
Ross - near impossibleLost her when waiting for a man to scream after one of Joey's plays
Ross - hardWanted to date her in college but couldn't due to a 'pact' with Chandler
Ross - very hardThey make out in the paleontology section of the library Ross was 'protecting'
Ross - very hard'Tall, very beautiful, and despite what some people say, not broad backed!'
Ross - easyDidn't even have to ask her to call him 'Doctor Geller'

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