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Who is the current principal of NSHS?
In what year was the city of Newton incorporated?
Which middle school is located in Newton Corner?
Which school comes last alphabetically?
How many commuter rail stops are there in Newton?
In what year did Newton High split to become NSHS and NNHS?
Name one of NSHS's curent houses
Which is the only middle school with a two-word name?
What village is home to a movie theater, Comella's, and Franklin School?
NSHS and NNHS collaborate on a Shakespeare play every year... what was the production in 2009?
Who is the 'Friends' actor who graduated from NNHS?
Name the monthly event held at the Hyde Center for Newton's fifth graders.
Which rival has NNHS been playing against every Thanksgiving for 115 years?
Which middle school is just down the street from the previous answer?
Name the middle school whose mascot is the Dragon
Two NSHS graduates now co-star on a popular TV show. What is it called?
Where can you find Tango Mango, JP Licks, and a T stop?
Which elementary school comes first alphabetically?
Who is the current principal of NNHS?
The battle cry of NNHS's class of 2010...
Name one of NSHS's two newspapers
A common greeting at NNHS...
Who is the current mayor-elect of Newton?
What is Auburndale's nickname?
Name one of the current NNHS houses

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