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How well do you know Luke Duncan?

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What is Luke's favourite thing?
Luke's favourite stoner food?
What part of Luke is abnormally large?
If Luke likes you (and is possibly cowied) what are you?
Luke's all-time favourite movie?
What animals does Luke often think are coming for him?
Luke's favourite alcoholic beverage?
For a bonus point, which mixer does he prefer with it?
Luke's favourite soft drink?
For a bonus point, which flavour?
Where on Luke's body is the infamous 'purple vein'? (Include left/right)
Who, according to Luke, is the greatest rapper ever?
According to Luke, weed is not a drug it's a...
What is Luke's middle name?
What is Luke's phone password?
What, when very stoned, does Luke spontaneously grow?
What cartoon character does Luke apparently look like?
What is Luke's response if a police officer asks 'Excuse me, how high are you?'
What is Luke's signature DJ song?
What did the 'bad mushroom' turn out to be?
What is Luke's favourite name for cowies?
What is Luke's favourite name for cocaine?
What is Luke's favourite night out in Newcastle?
Complete this famous Luke saying:You don't need to wash your hands...
Complete this famous Luke saying:Don't ask me...
Name one of the three people Luke has teabagged
What is Luke's favourite baccy?

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