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100VH1- Flava Flav
99*FOX- Dan Castellaneta
98MTV- Lauren Conrad
97HBO- Bill Maher
96Showtime- Penn Jillette
95Food Network- Giada De Laurentiis
94MTV- Vernon Chatman
93NBC- Benjamin McKenzie
92ESPN2- Howie Schwab
91Discovery/TLC- Paul Teutel Sr.
90FX- Ron Perlman
89WB/CW- Jared Padelecki
88HBO- Various Boxers
87FOX- Anna Torv
86Science Channel- Brooks T. Moore
85Starz- Ken Marino
84*Cartoon Network- Andy Merrill
83MTV- Various Contestants
82FOX- Nathan Fillion
81NBC- Christopher Meloni
80Discovery- Bear Grylls
79FOX- Kiefer Sutherland
78CW- Blake Lively
77FX- Glenn Close
76CBS- Phil Keoghan
75*Cartoon Network- Kevin Conroy
74*FOX/Adult Swim- Billy West
73HBO- Timothy Olyphant
72NBC- Kristen Wiig
71MTV- Ashton Kutcher
70CBS- Jeff Probst
69G4- Olivia Munn
68Comedy Central- Sarah Silverman
67FX- Dylan Walsh
66MTV- Various Rappers
65FOX- Hugh Laurie
64HBO- Various Football Players
63FX- Denis Leary
62Travel Channel- Adam Richman
61BBC- Joe Dempsie
60E!- Joel McHale
59NBC- Jimmy Smits
58G4- Various Contestants
57*Nickelodeon- Zach Tyler
56FOX- Jason Segel
55BBC- David Mitchell
54ABC- Jennifer Garner
53Comedy Central- Dave Attell
52Food Network- Guy Fieri
51MTV- P. Diddy
50*FOX- Seth McFarlane
49*Cartoon Network/Adult Swim- Dave WIllis
48Showtime- David Duchovny
47HBO- Anna Paquin
46Comedy Central- Cedric Yarbrough
45Travel Channel- Anthony Bourdain
44BBC- Jeremy Clarkson
43CBS- George Eads
42A&E- Candy Finnigan
41ESPN-Michael Wilbon
40NBC- Kyle Chandler
39Syndicated- Roger Lodge
38HBO- Sacha Baron Cohen
37Comedy Central- Artie Esposito
36NBC/ABC- Zach Braff
35Bravo-Padma Lakshmi
34*UPN- Regina King
33*Cartoon Network/Adult Swim- Seth Green
32Comedy Central- Stephen Colbert
31National Geographic Channel- Roger Evans
30BET- Various Rappers
29MTV- Various Subjects
28G4- Various Contestants
27HBO- Michael C. Hall
26CBS- Kevin James
25HBO- Kevin Dillon
24NBC- Chris Hansen
23UPN- Kristen Bell
22Showtime- Mary-Louise Parker
21MTV- Johnny Knoxville
20Sy-Fy- Edward James Olmos
19CBS- Josh Radnor
18HBO- Bret McKenzie
17FX- Michael Chiklis
16Showtime- Michael C. Hall
15AMC- Jon Hamm
14NBC- Tina Fey
13HBO- Danny McBride
12NBC- James Franco
11NBC- Steve Carell
10BBC- Ricky Gervais
9*Comedy Central- Trey Parker
8HBO- Larry David
7FX- Danny DeVito
6Comedy Central- Jon Stewart
5ABC- Matthew Fox
4HBO- James Gandolfini
3FOX- Jason Bateman
2HBO- Dominic West
1Comedy Central- Dave Chappelle

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