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Alan Strang
What sound did Alan make while sleeping during nightmares? 
What was the name of the horse that Alan met on the beach as a child? 
How many horses did Alan stab? 
What type of songs does Alan sing instead of talking to Dysart? 
Which horse is Alan the most obsessed with? 
Martin Dysart
What did Dysart give to Alan to help him express himself? 
What procedure is Dysart doing when he begins to tell Alan about his dream? 
What does Dysart tell Alan the placebo really is? 
What does Dysart not want to remove from Alan? 
What actor from the film Silence of the Lambs portrayed Dysart on Broadway? 
Frank Strang
Where does Frank work? 
What is Frank's religion? 
What word did Frank remember from Alan's nighttime worship session? 
Where did Frank run into Alan at? 
What was the picture depicting that Frank remove from Alan's room? 
Dora Strang
What did Dora read to Alan every night? 
How does Dora think Alan became what he did? 
What aspect of life did Dora try to teach Alan through religion? 
What was Dora's former job? 
Dora says every ____ is itself. 
Harry Dalton
What was the main rule Harry told Alan when Alan came to work at the stables? 
Who did Harry say introduced Alan to the stables? 
What does Harry think Alan has been doing at night? 
What does Harry think should be done with Alan? 
What fact about Alan was Harry skeptical of? 

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