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QUIZ: Can you name the Top 4 NBA Scorers from Each State?

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'Mound Round of Rebound' 
Not Moses, Not Karl, but _____ 
Cocaine-addict, won 1984 Comeback Player of the Year Award before relapsing 
1987 Rookie of the Year 
Current starting point guard on the Heat 
Hall-of-Fame forward of the 60s, also was mediocre coach for Cavs 
Teamed with David Robinson in NBA Jams 
Former New Mexico State Aggie, starter on 1985-1986 Blazers 
Duke star of the 80's who was drafted 19th overall in the 1986 draft 
The greatest sidekick in the history of the NBA 
Top pick in 1980 NBA draft 
Active sharpshooting guard on Atlanta 
#4 Jersey retired by the Bucks 
All-time career 3-pointer leader 
'The Glove' 
Member of the Boston Big 3 
Member of the Boston Big 3 
'Mr. Big Shot' 
ABA star with generic last name  
ABA star with generic last name 
6th pick in 1985 NBA draft 
Hall-of-Famer whose #23 was retired by the Rockets 
7th pick in 1980 Draft 
Great 3-point shooter who once owned the record for most consecutive games with a 3 
Number 23 retired by the Nets, died of kidney failure in 1996 
16th pick in 2005 NBA Draft 
NCAA Division II National Player of the Year of 1990 
Twin Brother of player two spots up 
17th overall pick in the 1987 NBA draft out of Jacksonville University 
Hall-of-Famer whose #4 is retired by Utah 
Superb Player, Not so superb GM 
Hall-of-Famer who is now Mayor of Detroit 
Star of the 1983 NCAA champions NC State Wolfpack, later was the 7th pick in the 1983 Draft by the Utah Jazz 
'The A-Train' Is the NCAA leader in career rebounds per game 
'The Admiral' 
5th pick in 1988 draft whose #2 has been retired by the Kings 
9th pick in 1983 draft who is 3rd all time in career 3s made 
'Prince of Midair' whose name sounds unreal 
11th pick in 1983 draft; known as one of the best players never to make an All-Star game 
'Clyde' of the Knicks 
Won the 1992 Slam Dunk Contest with a blindfolded dunk 
Record holder for most minutes in a playoff game with 67 
Former Oregon Ducks PG currently on the Bucks 
First Kansas Jayhawk to score 1000 points in their collegiate career 
7-footer who did absolutely nothing in his career: you might get this because he shares a last name with a Hall-of-Famer 
If anyone guesses this without cheating, they must be related to this guy 
ABA star who scored 10,000+ points in both ABA and NBA 
1982-1983 NBA rookie of the year who is an ordained Pentecostal priest 
Despite 19,000 points, he has no All-Star games and just a 6th Man Award to his name 
Superb Player, Not so superb GM 
'The Hick from French Lick' 
Record holder for most turnovers in a season 
4th pick in 1959 NBA Draft 
What does he have more of, points or kids born out of wedlock? 
Quality starting PG until Derrick Rose stole his starting gig 
3rd pick in 1998 draft, a big man known for his outside touch 
12th pick in 1973 draft, nothing else to really mention 
Magic often complemented this player for his physical defense 
1976 Rookie of the Year 
6th pick in 1974 draft 
3rd overall pick in 1969 draft  
17th pick in 1980 draft by the Pistons 
First Hall-of-famer out of University of Kentucky  
11th pick in 1993 draft who has a contract rule named after him 
Hall-of-Fame Celtics power forward who in 1977 took a leave of absence to work as a cab driver 
'Dr. Dunkenstein'  
'The Mailman' 
Hall of Famer who was the 1st overall pick in the 1968 NBA draft 
'The Chief' is all-time leader in games played 
'Clyde the Glide' 
17th pick in 1984 draft by the Nets, later had someone steal his identity 
Florida State alumnus with a succesfull NBA career, I personally think he looks like a robot 
'The Franchise' 
Better known as a coach, led the 76ers to a '77 championship loss 
4th pick in 1990 draft by Orlando 
#40 retired by the Detroit Pistons 
1995 NBA Most Improved Player as Philly's PG 
Recently fired Bulls coach 
Guard nicknamed 'The Springfield Rifle' 
'Chet the Jet' 
4th pick in 1989 draft out of University of Michigan 
Founding father of 'Showtime' basketball 
Great player, as GM traded KG to his former team 
Part of the 1980s Spurs' 'Bruise Brothers' 
4 time All-star who was drafted twice by the Minneapolis Lakers 
7'3 center from University of Minnesota 
Bill Simmons referred to him as the 'Broken Mirror' 
5th pick in '78 draft by Golden State 
First overall pick in '88 draft by the Clippers 
The greatest athlete named Jo Jo 
'Easy Ed' 
8th pick in 1998 draft by the 76ers 
Star B-baller turned politician 
Holds record for most titles as a coach 
ABA star from Duke  
Spell this right and I know you cheated 
Gonzaga superstar who never put anything together as a pro 
No relation to Carlos 
A typical 3-point specialist during the early 2000s 
currently University of San Francisco's head coach 
3rd round pick in 1988 by the Atlanta Hawks 
Talented but selfish player who once missed a free throw in order to try to get a rebound that would give him a triple-double 
Point guard turned ESPN NBA analyst 
Big man who was Orlando's 3-point specialist in the late 90's and early 2000s  
13th pick in 2003 draft by Boston via Memphis 
New Hampshire
His name will make immature teens snigger. 
New Jersey
'Diesel' is just one of his numerous nicknames 
Hall-of-Famer whose sons Brent, Jon, and Drew all played in the NBA 
2nd overall pick in 1998 draft by the Grizzlies 
'The Whopper' 
New Mexico
3-time All-star who was a member of the 1975 champions, the Golden State Warriors 
Drafted in the 3rd round in '75 by the Rockets, also drafted in the ABA draft in '75 
Currently on the Washington Wizards out of Cleveland State 
went from NBA to becoming an independent film producer 
New York
Obviously the all-time points leader would have the most in his state! 
The Greatest Player Ever 
'Dr. J' 
Knicks great who is one of 10 players to score 60+ points in a game 
North Carolina
1st overall pick in 1961 draft by the Chicago Packers 
5th overall pick in 1977 draft by the Suns, later had his number 6 retired by them 
Hall of Famer who was 2nd pick in 1972 draft by the Buffalo Braves 
4th pick in 1966 draft by the St. Louis Hawks 
North Dakota
Power forward who once played a game with a brown stain on his shirt 
Best player from Indiana State not named Larry 
Drafted in 2nd round of 1975 NBA draft by Kings 
Center who was the first pick in the second round of the 1990 draft 
Will be the greatest player of all-time. 
'Nate the Great' 
Hall-of-fame power forward who was 1964 Rookie of the Year 
ABA star nicknamed 'the legend' 
Oklahoma Sooners great who recently passed away due to cancer 
His number 25 was retired by the Cleveland Cavaliers 
1997 Sixth Man of the Year on the Knicks 
averaged 21.4 points per game for the Nets in 1980-1981 
Record holder for most consecutive 1000 point seasons 
Constructed Boston's Big 3 
1995-1996 Rookie of the Year of the Raptors 
'The Stilt' 'The Big Dipper' 
Lakers legend, known for draining clutch shots, breath-taking dunks, and avoiding rape charges 
One of the greatest players of a not-so-great era (the 50's) 
Rhode Island
'Bad News' 
Holds record for most assists in a game by a rookie with 25 
'The Splendid Splinter' of basketball 
A member of the 1979 Seattle Sonics Champions  
South Carolina
Nuggets superstar, top scorer of the 80s 
'The Big Ticket'  
1984 Slam Dunk Champion who is currently a drag racer 
'The X-Man' 
South Dakota
Fifth pick of the 2000 draft by the Magic 
Picked 16th overall by the Sonics in the 1983 draft 
All-american during the 50's at University of Missouri  
7th all-time on Iowa's all time block leaders 
Only player to average a triple-double over a whole season 
Hall-of-Fame small forward who was picked with the second pick in the 1959 draft by the Detroit Pistons 
B-I-N-G-O and Bingo is his name-o 
The ultimate 'What could have been...' player 
Only player named Zelmo 
Not Paul of the Celtics, but close 
One of only three Hall of Famers to be enshrined as a player and coach 
Lowest ranked player in Bill Simmon's Hall of Fame Pyramid 
Won multiple championships w/ Lakers, reached two finals coaching the Nets 
Power forward who starred at BYU along with Greg Kite and Danny Ainge 
Journeyman shooting guard who won a championship with the Spurs in 2005-2006 
Biblical sounding Hall-of-Fame center 
'The Answer' 'AI' 
Best player ever to come out of Norfolk State 
The most beloved Miami Heat player not named Dwyane Wade 
All-Time assists leader 
Nicknamed Buddha because of his Fu Manchu mustache 
Mavericks guard who is a superb 6th man  
2009-2010 6th Man of the Year 
West Virginia
'The Logo' 
Hall of Fame small forward whose number 15 was retired by the 76ers 
member of the ABA all-time team, was 1972 ABA playoff MVP and 1975 ABA all-star game MVP 
'White Chocolate' 
Choke-coaching former All-star 
24th pick in 1985 draft by the Portland Trail Blazers 
'Downtown Freddie' 
1998 All-Star point guard of the Lakers 
1943 NCAA Most Outstanding Player who led Wyoming to a national championship 
5th overall pick in the 1949 draft by the Warriors 
Center who played college ball at Wyoming  
Common name will likely make this player an easy guess 

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