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Author (Year Published)TitleSport Subject
A.J. Liebling (1956)Boxing
Roger Kahn (1971)Baseball
Jim Bouton (1970)Baseball
H.G. Bissinger (1990)Football
Ring Lardner (1914)Baseball
John Feinstein (1986)Basketball
Dan Jenkins (1972)Football
George Plimpton (1965)Football
Ken Dryden (1983)Hockey
Nick Hornby (1991)Soccer
Norman Maclean (1976)Fly Fishing
Laura Hillenbrand (2001)Horse-racing
Terry Pluto (1990)Basketball
Mark Harris (1956)Baseball
Rick Telander (1976)Basketball
John McPhee (1969)Tennis
David Halberstam (1981)Basketball
Roger Angell (1972)Baseball
Jim Brosnan (1960)Baseball
Jerry Kramer and Dick Schaap (1968)Football
Frank Deford (1981)Football
Leonard Gardner (1969)Boxing
Pete Axthelm (1970)Basketball
Bernard Malamud (1952)Baseball
Peter Gent (1973)Football
David Maraniss (1999)Football
Robert Creamer (1974)Baseball
P.G. Wodehouse (1973)Golf
Roy Blount Jr. (1974)Football
Frederick Exley (1968)Football
Richard Ben Cramer (2000)Baseball
Stanley Cohen (1977)Basketball
Bill Veeck and Ed Linn (1962)Baseball
Ben Hogan and Herbert Warren Wind (1957)Golf
Author (Year Published)TitleSport Subject
Apsley Cherry-Garrard (1922)Polar Exploration
C.L.R. James (1963)Cricket
Pat Jordan (1975)Baseball
Bill Bradley (1976)Basketball
Red Smith (1982)Baseball
Thomas McGuane (1980)General Sports
Gordon H. Fleming (1981)Baseball
Eric Rolfe Greenberg (1983)Baseball
William Nack (1975)Horse-racing
Bill James (1985)Baseball
Don DeLillo (1972)Football
David Wolf (1972)Basketball
W.P. Kinsella (1982)Baseball
Jon Krakauer (1997)Mountain Climbing
Eliot Asinof (1963)Baseball
Jules Tygiel (1983)Baseball
Bill Barich (1980)Horse-racing
Kevin Kerrane (1984)Baseball
Sparky Lyle and Peter Golenbock (1979)Baseball
W.C. Heinz (1958)Boxing
MacMillan (Publisher) (1969)Baseball (reference book)
Richard Hoffer (1998)Boxing
Lawrence Ritter (1966)Baseball
John Thorn (Editor) (1999)Baseball
Bill Buford (1991)Soccer
John Helyar (1994)Baseball
Robert Coover (1968)Baseball
Arthur Ashe with Arnold Rampersad (1993)Tennis
Dave Meggyesy (1970)Football
John Updike (1996)Golf
Madeleine Blais (1995)Basketball
John Wooden with Jack Tobin (1972)Basketball
Howard Cosell (1973)Sports (Broadcasting)
Bobby Jones and O.B. Keeler (1927)Golf
Author (Year Published)TitleSport Subject
Alexander Wolff (2002)Basketball
Darcy Frey (1994)Basketball
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Douglas Kent Hall (1977)Bodybuilding
Rex Lardner (1960)Tennis
Norman Mailer (1975)Boxing
Robert Peterson (1970)Baseball
Harvey Penick with Bud Shrake (1992)Golf
Joe Jares (1974)Pro Wrestling
Maurice Herzog (1951)Mountain Climbing
Philip Roth (1973)Baseball
Eduardo Galeano (1998)Soccer
Herbert Warren Wind (1948)Golf
Christine Brennan (1996)Figure Skating
Paul Gallico (1938)General Sports
Thomas Hauser (1991)Boxing
Jimmy Breslin (1963)Baseball
James Fixx (1977)Running
Ted Williams And John Underwood(1970)Baseball
Robert Daley (1967)Football
Michael Novak (1976)Football
Vyv Simson and Andrew Jennings (1992)Olympics
Steve Rushin (1998)General Sports
Michael Murphy (1972)Golf
Russ Conway (1995)Hockey
Jerome Holtzman (1973)General Sports
Murray Sperber (2000)Basketball
Budd Schulberg (1947)Boxing
Grantland Rice (1954)General Sports
Robert Lipsyte (1975)General Sports
William Brashler (1973)Baseball
Joe McGinniss (1999)Soccer
Joan Ryan (1995)Gymnastics

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