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Love is so bad (bad) bad (bad) bad (bad) bad (bad)
Neon jeongmal jaesueobseo Neol mannal iyu eobseo
Mama mala mal-ala jeje jebalhaji mala Bwabwa bwala bwala nae nun -eul bala bwa
Girls' generation make you feel the heat
hyangsuppurijima ireoda yeochinhante deulkindan mallya
niga isseoya man yeogi ga paradise eojiro neoreul gadwo beorin paradise, oh oh
Don't you wanna be on top Can't you see that I can't stop Watch and listen, cause it's hot, hot, hot
GO AWAY FROM ME SHOW reul boyeojwo apeun sarangiramyeon jigeutjigeutae
gildeullyeojil suga eobseo naneun jeoldae don't touch,touch, rush it, rush it
Jeongmal neon da ijoeotdeora Bangapge nal boneun neoui eolgul boni
Oh baby. tell me Why you act so strange But tonight, I don’t need a damn explain
Stand by me and necessary jeomjeom gipeo man ga neoreul anheul surok lalalalalala lalala lalala
(You’re my lady) Tic Toc uriui siganeun meomchugo go go
All alone I'm all alone
Neon jeongmal mystery, mystery, mystery, mystery
Yeah, this is hip song right here Ha ha, brand new song, here we go
tteonagajwo nal nal salanghajima nal chalali neol joh-ahal namjal manna
jidokhage… …jiulsurok peojyeogadeon saranga
i don’t wanna be in love alone wanna give you my heart
It goes, L-O-L-L-I-P-O-P
Malhaji anhado modu arayo, dunune nunmul goyeo janhayo Sorry, so sorry ige nae mamin geolyo

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