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You're only brave til you're scared, you're only unique until comparedSome Things Don't Wash Out/Party for the Grown and Sexy
We're only here at this beach for the daySome Things Don't Wash Out
Still the charm around my neck 'cause I haven't learned to tie a noose quite yetSo Young, So Insane
Bring a blanket - it gets awfully cold when you can't afford the heat and you're sleepin aloneSome Things Don't Wash Out
There's a party goin on, we're livin life uninvitedSome Things Don't Wash Out
Could you kick those heels off, baby and still walk tall?So Young, So Insane
I'm not complaining, just beginning to seeThings Are Really Weird Right Now
Please leave me on the kitchen floor with my dignitySo Young, So Insane
The problem with change is it's hard, like finding lively conversations in graveyardsSome Things Don't Wash Out/Things Are Really Weird Right Now
Would you hold it against me for knowing the words which are said to make your heartbeat stop?Party for the Grown and Sexy
Can you feel their stares?Party for the Grown and Sexy
There was a time I came to your side, it was 3 am and you were begging me to dieSo Young, So Insane
It's the only crush that'll make me blushSo Young, So Insane
After my kind of night that ends throwing upSome Things Don't Wash Out
The lesson's never learned, it's just like stitches for showParty for the Grown and Sexy
And it's down the stairs, hair tossed and footing lostParty for the Grown and Sexy
And I'm staring pretty hard, but it's not at her feetSome Things Don't Wash Out
Could it be that I'm a little unfed, that i'm noticing more and more space in my bed?So Young, So Insane
I was the same two c-c-c-c-consonants, I just wanted you all vowelsThings Are Really Weird Right Now
Back to the couch where I'll binge on Doritos, where I'll grow so stagnant that I'll breed mosquitioesSome Things Don't Wash Out
Plan A has got a boyfriend, but she melts to my touchParty for the Grown and Sexy
And number 22308 would be my overwhelming urge to hyperbolateSome Things Don't Wash Out/Take Action! Vol. 10
Still it feels like I've been wearing a wet pair of jeans, something is rubbing me the wrong waySome Things Don't Wash Out
You act as though you have lived a life because you're a tad bit overcooked, but I've been burned and burnedParty for the Grown and Sexy
My teeth aren't nearly as white, my blue eyes half as brightThings Are Really Weird Right
Your love is like a bus - I may miss you, but I know more will comeSome Things Don't Wash Out
Although you're untrue I'm attracted to you all the moreRockin Romance II
I'm as stealthy as a slow gas leakParty for the Grown and Sexy

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