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symptoms diseasesdescription
impaired vp secretion; neurophysin mutation
mutations in V2 receptor
impaired vp secretion during pregnancy
treatment for central di & bedwetting
abnormal ADH, excess water retention, caused by tumors
vole w/o vasopressin receptor
no IGBP3 & IGBP5, short stature
human: obesity & abnomral small stature; treat with GH, weird receptor mutationGH secretagogue receptor
excess GH in childhood
excess GH in adults
GH deficiency b/c of trauma accident
GH-receptor mutation, rare cancer/diabetes, usually obesed, proportional treated w/ IGF-1
FGF receptor mutation, shortened limbs
inhibitor of opiate peptide, stimulate LH secretion & inhibit Prl secretion
receptor mutation causing no gonadal development, hpogonadotrophic
interruption of vascular link b/w hypothalamus & pituitary
cleavage enzyme; mutation leads to no GHRH & hyperinsulinemia, obesity
symptoms diseasesdescription
human mutation in STARaccumulation of intracellular cholesterol droplets
type of congenital adrenal hyperplasia, excess androgens
impaired wound healing/stria/moonface
no suppression with dexamethason suppression test
primary adrenal insufficiency/autoimmune disease
disorder w/ DXM escape phenomena
excess mineralcorticoid & androgen production/high ACTH/hypertension/hypokalemic alkalosis
oncogene w/ constitutive activity, like EGF
toxin that inhibits GTPase for GPCR inactivation
mouse KO leads to reduced lumbar vertebratetype of CREB
low Ca & phosphate levels, vit-d receptor mutation, bent bones
deficiency leads to no chondrocyte apoptosisceramide formation
chemical activating folliculostellate cells, macrophages, microglia
inflammation-mediated autoimmune disease, shouldn't use glucocorticoids
immuno-cell that's increased in fat cells
inhibitor of insulin receptor activation, no phosphorylation, induced by leptin

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