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Name the Billy Joel song titles after one letter has been changed to come up with these crazy descriptions!

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Year and DescriptionSilly TitleActual Title
1976. I've got a fresh outlook on bacon and ham
1978. She was the sole person to succumb early, when the Bond villain spray-painted her
1984. That reference book goes on and on and on
1989. No, we did not open the dossier on you
1979. Humungous Broadway play
1983. Inform that girl that there is more than ego and superego
1983. Roswell is overrun by extra-terrestrials
1986. He is the absolute best at having faith in others
1979. I think it's possible that you're not heavy
1978. She's eternally a citizen of the Eternal City
1978. It's only the manner in which you consumed dinner
1980. Don't bother questioning me about the identity of the perpetrator
1977. I got these quick breads from Mario's Pasta Place
1974. No more baby grands allowed in here!
1979. She's the woman I married
1981. Utter farewell to the Mumbai film industry

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