Scrabble - Small Word, Big Score

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Can you name the 4 letter words with Scrabble scores of 15 or more?

Featured Jun 25, 2010

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'Scrabble - Small Word, Big Score' is one
To exit an airplane in order to skydive
Sly, or attractive and alluring
Squarish or chunky in appearance
Short witty remark
Confusing network of interconnected pathways
Device used to raise an automobile
An athletic person or, in another sense, an athletic supporter
Snug, comfortable and warm
A metal used to make brass
To initiate into a club or team by humiliation
Foggy, misty or smoky
Unwanted or broken articles
To cause images and text on a computer screen to appear larger
A bringer of bad luck
Crazy, wacky
Uninterested in effort
Story with a punchline
Pale, smooth and lustrous, easily pliable
To make a whirring sound, or one who has remarkable skill
It's like an ox, only it has a hump and a dewlap
A wharf used for loading and unloading ships
Half asleep, drowsy, unable to pay attention
Eastern European title for an emperor
Sudden spasmodic movement
Kills or destroys with a sudden burst of speed or force, such as electrical current
Fastens one's fly (or one's lip)
To disrupt a person's composure

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