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QUIZ: Can you name the knights whose names are words starting with the 'Sir' sound?

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This knight will guarantee it!
This knight is a substitute for a natural mother
This knight is an electrical path
This knight has more than he needs
This knight makes things out of clay
This knight is browsing the Web
This knight will sail right around the world
This knight is giving an unexpected overload of electrical power
This knight is an African wild cat
This knight imposes an additional cost
This knight can be found on pancakes and waffles
This knight performs furtive deeds
This knight sang 'Wipeout' (and also about his friend 'Sir Fer Joe')
This knight is looking for something
This knight is doing anything it takes to live
This knight is winding, like a snake
This knight is an invasive medical procedure
This knight selflessly provides assistance
This knight asks questions to obtain demographic information
This knight uses evidence based on suppositions
This knight will overtake his master in skill
This knight has the same name as hockey's Fedorov or cinema's Eisenstein
This knight lives a bizarre lifestyle
This knight talks in circles
This knight joined with Tripolitania to form the Kingdom of Libya
This knight uses discreet means to spy on others
This knight assassinated Robert Kennedy
This knight has an accent that looks like a pointy hat
This knight works for the French police
This knight will encircle you

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